Saturday, June 26, 2010

Piper's 6th Birthday Party

Yes, I know, I am way behind on posting. Piper turned 6 years old on May 18. We had her birthday party the following weekend. Originally, Piper wanted to have a dog birthday party. When she and Jeremy were looking at a cake decorating book, there weren't any dog cakes she wanted. She saw the picture of the alligator cupcake cake that Jeremy made for Seven's birthday party and decided she wanted a pink alligator "cake".
Jeremy also made some plain cupcakes. Well, there weren't exactly plain, but they didn't belong to the alligator. You can see that they were decorated very nicely.
The birthday girl with her pink alligator "cake".
She doesn't really care for the cake part, so she just licks off the icing. This works out nicely, since I don't really care for the icing. We make a good cake eating team.
For the birthday party activity, we had some island huts the kids could put together, which made a picture frame. We had originally planned to have a pool party, but God had other plans and decided to let it rain. The island huts went with the pool party theme.Lindsey brought Corduroy to Piper's birthday. Each of her classmates took turns bringing him home for the weekend. They were supposed to take pictures of where they took him. He was one lucky bear in that he got to go to Piper's birthday party. But I don't think Lindsey shared any of her cake with him. Poor bear.
Piper was so excited about this giant present from Granny. She kept asking if she could open it. I had to keep reminding her that she had to wait until after we had cake. She decided to pose by it.
And another pose. I think she looks like such a big girl in this picture. My baby isn't really much of a baby anymore. She is six years old!
Look what was in the giant present! It is a big butterfly float for the pool! She doesn't look as excited now that the present is open. But she did really enjoy playing with it in the pool.
The butterfly float was the hit of the party. Rilian really wanted to play with it!
And Seven also got a turn.
For Seven's birthday, he got a huge alligator. Piper got a huge raccoon from Nanny and Papa Bud. She sleeps with it every night. Sometimes, she even uses it as a pillow.
I think Piper's face tells us what her favorite gift was! A new bike!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010


My kids are funny. They say funny things. They do funny things. If you're a regular reader of my blog, you already know that. This is something they came up with all on their own. Check it out!

Then Seven had to have a turn.

And of course, Piper.

In case you're wondering if they could all three fit inside the sandbox at the same time, they sure tried, but did they succeed? Watch and see for yourself.