Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Our Little Labeler

Piper has been continuing to learn to read and write in First Grade. I came home from the gym one day and found labels all throughout our house. Piper had gone around and labeled different things in our house. She didn't spell everything right, but it was interesting to see how she ended up spelling things as she sounded them out. I took pictures of all the labels hung in their spots.


She did spell couch right. I think Jeremy said she had asked how to spell it.


I thought this one was interesting and very creative. It isn't actually a drawer, it is on a set of school lockers that we have in our house. But I guess to Piper, they were drawers.

Fluffy, Piper's parakeet.

Garage. You never would have guessed that one, huh? If it weren't hung on the garage door, I don't know that I would have known what it was either.


This one was my favorite! If it weren't hung on the back sliding glass door, I would have no clue what Piper was trying to spell. It says "outside". As you sound out the word, that is exactly how it sounds. She spelled it, how we pronounce it. Smart girl!


The closet in our hallway got two "closet" signs. I am not sure why she gave the door two signs. Maybe because it is such a big closet?

This was the sign on the bedroom that belongs to Finn and Seven. They share a room. If you look at this sign, it is interesting because "Finn" is written in pink. Why would she write Finn's name in pink? She knows he is a boy. Look more closely...it looks like the "F" started out as a "P". I think she was going to write her name, and then decided to change it to his name.

And of course, Piper's bedroom door gets a fancy sign. You can tell that she did not write her name. This was a label from something that was given to her from someone and she decided to make it the sign for her room.

This one may seem odd to you if you have never been in our house. This is the sign that was on Rilian's bedroom door. Why are my name and Jeremy's name also on the sign? We have to walk through Rilian's room to get to our bedroom. Rilian's bedroom is what was originally the master bedroom. But someone decided to add another bedroom on the other side of the master bedroom, which is our bedroom. It is a nice, huge bedroom!

Piper had put this sign on the t.v. I told her how easy it was to spell it the correct way, so she crossed her spelling of the word out and put the correct spelling.

For those of you who have children younger than First Grade, this is some of the fun stuff you get to look forward to. If your children are older than First Grade, then maybe this post has brought back some wonderful memories of your own children.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Sticker Earring

One day Rilian came from the playroom dressed like this...
Yes, he actually did that to himself without any help! I am not sure what made him think to put the sticker on his ear as an earring, but he did it. I am the only one in our house with pierced ears, so he wasn't copying Jeremy. 

Rilian is a VERY observant little boy! I guess he noticed that I wear earrings and decided to make his own "earring". At this age, and even for a few years, little boys or even little girls do not understand that there are certain things that a male typically does and there are certain things that a female typically does. But to Rilian, he was just being observant that Mommy wears earrings. And he was so proud to come and show me what he had done! 

When we sit down for dinner, we usually go around the table and find out what each person's favorite thing about the day was. Piper, Finn, and Seven get a kick out of asking Rilian because if you ask him what his favorite thing about today was, he will say, "Ummm". Talk about being observant! I didn't realize it, but when we ask Piper, Finn, or Seven what there favorite thing about their day was, they all start off with saying, "Ummm", while they quickly think about their day and give their answer. Wow! I was almost shocked at how observant Rilian was. He noticed it before I even realized that they all say that!

Friday, October 8, 2010

West Texas Fair

Once again, the West Texas Fair has come and gone. We look forward to the fair each year. Jeremy and I look forward to the food, the kids look forward to the rides.

Finn, Piper, and Lindsey all rode the honey bear ride. They were spinning inside the bear's tummy.
Then they went on a pretty cool obstacle course. They had fun on the wooden bridge.
Seven also liked the obstacle course. He was too short to go by himself, so Jeremy got to join in on the fun!
I think the train ride was more for younger kids, but Lindsey and Piper wanted to ride after they saw how much fun Seven had on the train. I'm thinking it looked more fun than it actually was by the expressions on their faces.
But Robert sure enjoyed it! I thought it was really funny in the difference of expressions on Robert's face and the kids faces.
Poor Rilian sure wanted to ride! He was too short to ride any rides this year. I told him that I bet he will be tall enough to ride some of the rides next year.
The three amigos!
Finn really wanted to ride the ferris wheel...look how happy he was when he finally got through the ridiculously long line!
This is the cool view that Jeremy and Finn had from the top of the ferris wheel.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

"Fun" at the Dentist

I had intended to get Piper (and Finn and Seven) to the dentist before Piper lost her first tooth, but that didn't happen. I wanted to take them to the dentist before school started before the year, well, that didn't happen either because when I called to make the appointment, the first available day they had was September 1. I thought it would be easier to take the three of them all at the same time. I am so thankful that Jeremy was able to go with me! 

This was Seven's first visit to a dentist...
He was watching the dentist get prepared for cleaning his teeth.
If you are squeamish, I will warn you there are pictures of the dentist cleaning on the kid's teeth. I don't think it will be that bad to look at them.

Finn was next. He got to wear some pretty cool glasses. I guess so nothing would end up in his eyes. The dentist also wore a pair.
Cleaning his teeth...

I like this picture because it shows what a sweet sister Piper can be. She was standing beside him and rubbing his arm. It was so sweet!
Piper's turn...she also got to wear the cool glasses!
I think Piper was just adjusting her glasses here, but it kinda looks like she was a little worried. I am pretty sure that is not the case, though.
Cleaning her teeth...

Finn wanted to see what it looked like up close. He looks concerned. Despite how they act sometimes, they really do care about each other.
Piper was holding the towel down. I guess she thought it was helping the dentist.
Finn and Seven picked out their toy from the dentist while Piper got her teeth cleaned.
Seven got a little bored while he was waiting for the dentist to be done with Finn and Piper. But he had fun.
After their cleaning, Finn had to go back two weeks later for a couple of fillings. Piper had to go back for a pulpotomy, otherwise known as a baby root canal. She also needed some crowns. That day she got two crowns. She went back two weeks later and got two more crowns. She will go back this week and get the final crown, making that a total of 5 crowns. I guess that sneaking of the candy at night when she was supposed to be sleeping caught up to her.

While Piper waited on the dentist to get prepared for her teeth, she colored. Yes, she is wearing rain boots. It was raining that day.
Under the light so the dentist can see really well.
She got to smell strawberry scented laughing gas. The laughing gas was supposed to just take away the pain, not really make her loopy or anything like that. Jeremy said he thinks it kind of made Finn a little loopy because he laughed some while they were giving him his fillings.
I kept Piper and Finn home from school that day after their appointment at 8:00 am. I thought they would be in pain and not really benefit from going to school. I should have sent Finn, because he was just fine. Piper on the other hand was in alot of pain from her pulpotomy. She hurt for a few days! We rented movies from the library so they could relax and take it easy after their dental work. Piper chose to watch one of her movies sitting on the ladder for Finn and Seven's bunk bed...why? I honestly cannot answer, other than the fact that she is Piper.
I told Piper she now has princess teeth because her teeth are wearing silver crowns. Finn's fillings were just white.