Friday, October 8, 2010

West Texas Fair

Once again, the West Texas Fair has come and gone. We look forward to the fair each year. Jeremy and I look forward to the food, the kids look forward to the rides.

Finn, Piper, and Lindsey all rode the honey bear ride. They were spinning inside the bear's tummy.
Then they went on a pretty cool obstacle course. They had fun on the wooden bridge.
Seven also liked the obstacle course. He was too short to go by himself, so Jeremy got to join in on the fun!
I think the train ride was more for younger kids, but Lindsey and Piper wanted to ride after they saw how much fun Seven had on the train. I'm thinking it looked more fun than it actually was by the expressions on their faces.
But Robert sure enjoyed it! I thought it was really funny in the difference of expressions on Robert's face and the kids faces.
Poor Rilian sure wanted to ride! He was too short to ride any rides this year. I told him that I bet he will be tall enough to ride some of the rides next year.
The three amigos!
Finn really wanted to ride the ferris wheel...look how happy he was when he finally got through the ridiculously long line!
This is the cool view that Jeremy and Finn had from the top of the ferris wheel.

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