Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Dum Dum Give Me Gum Gum

We were at a garden store one day, looking at plants. All of a sudden, Rilian says, "Dum Dum Give Me Gum Gum." I said, "What?" He said, "I see Dum Dum Give Me Gum Gum." as he pointed to the far corner of the store. I looked and all the way across the store there was a statue that looked like Dum Dum from Night at the Museum. Rilian was pretty excited about it!

We walked over to Dum Dum so I could take his picture. Rilian didn't want to get too close. For some reason, he was scared of Dum Dum, even after reassurance. Maybe he thought Dum Dum would come alive and start talking to him!
With the help of Jeremy, Rilian got a little closer, but not very willingly. You can see the concern on his face.
 Jeremy stepped away and I snapped another picture. Poor little scared Rilian!

Monday, June 24, 2013


My kids LOVE to splash in puddles! Anytime it rains, they ask if we can take a walk so they can splash in the puddles that the rain made. Check it out!

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Fridays at Granny's

On my blog timeline, the kids are still in school...

Granny doesn't work on Fridays, so Rilian usually spends the day with her (while my other 3 kids are at school) so I can run errands and clean my house. Rilian and Granny really enjoy this time together. Rilian had fun drawing on the patio with sidewalk chalk. It was a little cooler than the average Texas May day that day, so he was dressed a little warmer.
Rilian said these two people were friends and they were holding hands.
Then he drew a third person...I guess that person was a little too far away so the second person's finger got drawn longer so they could hold hands as well. Not bad for a four-year-old, huh?
Granny has a treadmill that isn't electric. You just get on it and walk. Your feet are what power it. Sounds alot easier than it is! Rilian put his people on it and they would go all the way to the top, or bottom, and fall off. He spent hours doing this!

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Feeding the Ducks (and geese)

The kids always enjoy feeding the ducks. It takes awhile to build up enough "duck bread" to have enough to feed them. I usually save the end pieces of our loaves of bread for the ducks.

 I love Seven's expression as he just threw in some bread for the ducks!
We also have tortillas to feed the ducks sometimes. I often have to remind the kids to tear them up because they enjoy throwing the tortilla in whole. I guess it's alot of fun to watch it fly like a frisbee.
Some of the ducks...it was in the evening when we went. I think they might have already been fed alot that day because they weren't that hungry.
Can you tell my kids like getting as close to the water as they possibly can?

We had alot of bread to get rid of. Since the ducks weren't really hungry, we walked over to where the geese typically hang out and fed them.

 Finn with his hands in his pockets...just chillin'.
 Seven about to throw a piece of bread...
 Mother Goose and her baby...

It was hard to get a picture of the kid's faces while they were feeding the ducks. When we were done, I had them sit so I could get a picture. They weren't the most cooperative, but as a parent, you take what you can get sometimes.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Piper Made Dog Treats

One evening at Granny's Piper was on the internet and found a recipe for dog treats and decided she was going to make some for our Siberian Husky, Tymbre. I thought it was pretty convenient that Granny had a cookie cutter shaped like a dog bone!
We brought them home and Tymbre approved!

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Believe it or not, 7 is 6!

Seven turned 6 years old on April 11, 2013. When I picked him up from school that day, I asked him if he was gonna be 7 next. He replied, "I already am Seven!" with a big smile!

Seven requested a Darth Vader Birthday Party this year. He also wanted a pinata. I was looking for a soccer ball pinata that we could paint to look like the death star. I searched several stores and finally found one. I thought it was kind of small. I took it home and showed Jeremy. He agreed. I told him I had found a present pinata that was bigger. So, I took the soccer ball back and exchanged it for the present pinata that I had found at a different store. I felt it was a decent size. Jeremy, however, did not. He was thinking that Seven's pinata would be BIG. So, once again, I put the present pinata back in the car and took it back to the store. I went to one more store and found a BIG pinata. However, my choices were a clown or a pirate. I chose the pirate for Seven. I had Piper stand next to it so Jeremy could see the size and sent the picture to Jeremy. I didn't want to have to take a THIRD pinata back!
 Seven approved of his pirate pinata!
I got a black table cloth and put star stickers on it to make it look like the night sky for the Darth Vader themed birthday party.

I couldn't find any party favor bags that highlighted Darth Vader, so I got the next best thing...Yoda!
I also made light sabers out of swimming pool noodles and tape for each of Seven's friends to take home with them after the party.

 Then we hung the pinata in a tree and we were almost ready for the party to start!
A friend made this sign for Piper's birthday to surprise her last year. We have continued to use it as a way for our friends to find Granny's house for the parties. Seven put it on the front porch and wanted me to take his picture by it.
 The cake...Jeremy made a death star cake.
 And we had Yoda and Darth Vader there as well.
 The light sabers were a hit!

I love Seven's face on this picture...He's making the sound that a light saber makes.
They also played a game that had the same idea as musical chairs. They passed around the Death Star, which was a balloon filled with confetti and small bouncy balls. When the music stopped, the person with the balloon was out. This continued until there was only one person left. The last person left in the game got to pop the balloon. It exploded! The kids really enjoyed it!
After making the three Death Stars explode, it was time to break the pinata! I let them all use their light sabers to hit the pinata at first, knowing it wouldn't break it, but it was fun anyway.

Then we got out a stick and let everyone have a turn at the pinata. Finn finally beheaded the pirate.
 And Seven destroyed the head!
 Time for cake! 
I couldn't decide which smile I liked better of Seven's, so I included two pictures. In this one his eyes are looking at the camera.
"Happy Birthday to you..."
Digging into the yummy cake that Jeremy made!
 Seven thought he knew what this gift was...
 He had been wanting one for a very long time...
He was right! It was a light saber that lights up red! It was his favorite gift...Thanks Papa Rick!
I also made Yoda Soda for the party, but forgot to take a picture of it when it was in the punch bowl. I remembered when it was in the pitcher when I was getting ready to put it away.
It was real simple to make. You take a 2 liter bottle of sprite and mix it with a container of lime (green) sherbet. Everyone thought it was yummy and my kids have requested that I make it again!
Happy Birthday to my sweet six-year-old! You are very smart. You are funny. You are very full of life and love to joke around. I love you, Seven!