Sunday, June 2, 2013


Easter...was a few months ago, but here is my post about it :)

The Sunday before Easter, my mom's church had an Easter Egg Hunt for the kids. It was cold that day! My kids were being as patient as they could, waiting to go get the eggs!
This year, we used Kool Aid to dye our eggs. We had blue, orange, green, purple (which turns out brown, but we didn't care), and 3 different shades of red. It was a neat and different idea, but I don't know that we will do it next year. The bees were really attracted to it and the kids were afraid of the bees! It took twice as long or even three times as long to dye the eggs because the kids were so afraid of the bees. We tried telling them that the bees weren't gonna hurt them, they were just thirsty, but they didn't believe us.
 Getting ready...

 Seven... you see the stripes on his egg? I put a rubber band around his egg and then he stuck it in the Kool Aid. After he was done with that color, I removed the rubber band and he put it in a different color. I would recommend waiting til the dye has dried before removing the rubber band because it smeared a little during the removal.
 Rilian...patiently waiting for his egg to become the perfect shade of color.
 Seven and his colorful eggs.
 Piper and her masterpiece. 
 Rilian and his pretty eggs.
 Rilian was a little messy and it got on his legs and feet.
 Finn and his eggs.
Easter handsome boys! I tried several times to get a good picture with Piper in it as well, but she was in a very bad mood and was not cooperative at all! I think it had something to do with a dress. I don't remember all the details at this point.
After church, at my mom's house, Piper was in a much better mood. However, whoever took our family picture unfortunately cut off the top of Jeremy's head :(
The kids were getting tired of picture time. Seven had already pulled his tie down and Rilian was done. Piper tried to get him to look at the camera.
 This one cracks me up because Finn was trying to get Rilian to smile!
 Time to hunt eggs!

Finn was not in a good mood. He was half way participating, but at least I got a picture of him picking up one egg. Must have just been something in the air that day!
 Sitting down with all their eggs after they found them all.
Rilian and Seven emptied all the plastic eggs and were OCD about the contents...I mean, lined everything up and sorted them according to kind.
 This is "Minky" on Jeremy's head. It is or was a real mink!
When my brother and I were very young kids, my grandma had a mink shawl or something like that. We loved playing with it so much that she cut off two minks so we could each have one to play with. My grandma has been in an assisted living facility for at least a year now and my mom had gone to clean out her house. She brought back "Minky" with her and now my kids play with it!

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