Friday, July 26, 2013

Going Back to Our Roots

On our way home from Ruidoso, I decided to take a little detour through Carlsbad, New Mexico. Piper and Finn were born there, so I thought since we were that close I would show them what it looked like since we moved when Piper was 2 1/2 years old and Finn was 17 months old. Piper has asked me a little bit here and there about it. I figured this would give them a clear picture. 

Between Ruidoso and Carlsbad is Roswell, New Mexico. If you have never been to Roswell, you are missing out...not really. But it is quite humorous with all the aliens. The McDonald's there is a UFO. We have eaten there once before and my kids (mostly Seven) haven't stopped talking about it. I left Ruidoso so that we would be in Roswell at lunch so the kids could eat there again. I'm not sure what Rilian is pointing at.
All was going well on my solo trek with my four young children. They were enjoying playing at the playground until Piper came and told me that someone had pooped in the slide and it was on her pants! UGH!!! Since I was by myself, I couldn't leave the boys playing while I got Piper clean clothes, so we all went out to the car. We have a Tahoe and it doesn't have that much cargo space so we had a car topper on it for our suitcases. Of course, Piper's suitcase wasn't one of the ones by the edge. It had to be in the middle! I just reached in her suitcase and pulled out a clean shirt and clean shorts. I didn't care if they matched or not at that point. Then I had a horrible time trying to get the car topper to close again! It was HOT outside! We got Piper all cleaned up and headed on our way to Carlsbad. I was SO THANKFUL that my kids did not complain about leaving the McDonald's playground without getting to play for a long time. I would have let them play longer, but things happen. Don't worry, I made sure to tell a worker what happened so that they could clean it up. Needless to say, I was NOT happy!

We headed on our way to Carlsbad...This is what it looks like between Roswell and Carlsbad...

It's a whole lot of nothin'! However, I think I might have seen a prisoner escaping! There are signs saying there is a prison facility near and you should not pick up hitchhikers because they could be prisoners. There is alot of barb wire fence along the way. I saw someone, not too far from the signs, trying to carefully go between the wires on the barb wire fence! Think what you want, but it makes for a kind of exciting story.
The first place we stopped in Carlsbad was "Look-Out Point". It is the highest point in Carlsbad and you can see the whole city. Behind Piper, Rilian, Seven, and Finn is the view overlooking Carlsbad. Unfortunately, the sun was in the kid's eyes. 
The front of the hospital where Piper and Finn were born...
Seven and Rilian didn't want to be in the picture since they weren't born there, even though I told them they could be in the picture if they wanted to.
We moved out to Carlsbad, New Mexico, because Jeremy got the job of Associate Minister at this church. 

We lived in the house right across the street from the church. I told the kids to hurry because I didn't want someone to come out and wonder why they were standing in front of their house getting their picture taken. When we lived there, we actually had this fence put up so Piper and Finn (toddler and baby age) could play in the front yard. We had our four Siberian Huskies in the backyard. 
After a quick trip to Walmart for drinks and snacks for the rest of the ride home, I found one more place to take the kid's pictures. All of them got in the picture this time!
Seven wanted his picture taken by the roadrunner around the corner. He has always pointed out roadrunners whether they were on a sign or the actual bird. There is a realtor in our town who has a roadrunner on their sign and when Seven was younger, he would see the signs and say, "I see a runroader." It was cute how he got the word mixed up!
I have to brag on myself and say that I was proud of myself for making the trip from Ruidoso to Carlsbad and home (a total of 9 hours) with my four young children. Not very many moms would be brave enough to do so. We arrived at all our destinations safely! I thank God that He was with us and kept us safe.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Ruidoso, NM

In June, our church had camp for 4th - 6th graders. They go to camp at Bonita Park. Jeremy and I have some good friends who actually live there. So, while Jeremy is a camp counselor for the 6th grade boys, I and my four children stay with our friends. We have a crazy fun time! Our friends, Kaylee and Connor have four children back to back, just like Jeremy and I did. While Connor is at work during the day, Kaylee and I hang with our 8 combined kids, ages 9 years old to 2 years old. Fun times! It is wonderful that they all get along with each other. If there is a problem, it is with their own sibling. 

When we first arrived, they were like old friends. It was as if no time had passed between our visits two years ago. 
We didn't get to go last year because there was a horrible fire! We were supposed to leave on Monday morning. Our friends were told to evacuate Saturday at midnight. The fire consumed most of the camp and our friends lost their house. Piper was disappointed that she couldn't go to camp that year. I had to remind her that she is lucky that she still has a house and all her toys. I told her that our friends don't have a house, they don't have a bed to sleep in, they don't have any toys to play with. 

There is still alot of damage a year later, but the camp has started rebuilding. Our friends have a new house. This is the amphitheater that is across from our friend's house. It wasn't damaged, but you can see all the burnt trees around it. 
To the left of the amphitheater is a swing set. Two of the legs were black from the fire, but the rest of the swing set is unharmed.
A new fence beside our friend's house...still black trees all around. In the middle left of the picture, you can see what is left of a house.
Here is a close up...
There is still alot of clean up and rebuilding to do. This is a picture of a pile of burnt trees and some stuff.
On a brighter note, my kids had a BLAST playing in the burnt trees! They came in at the end of the day covered in soot and as happy as can be!
We took a trip to Alamogordo and went to their zoo. It is the oldest zoo in the southwest. It was a small zoo, but totally worth the $1.50 per person price to get in! Here is our crew. Yes, Piper is the only girl, with seven boys!
Posing on a rock...
One of the animals the zoo had was a bald eagle. 
Getting pictures on the buffalo statue...

I don't remember what this statue was and I can't tell because of all the kids!
Pictures on the lion statue...
Back at "camp", one evening a few deer were there. 
Kaylee and I worked out one morning and when we were done, it looked like our 8 combined kids and a little too much fun...
Kaylee's dog, Izzy, is the sweetest dog. She loves curling up with anyone! She just curled up in my lap and went to sleep.
Can't wait to visit again next year!

Friday, July 19, 2013

Homemade Donuts

My dad sent me a recipe for homemade donuts. Granny Joyce decided she would try it since my kids love donuts so much! I don't quite think Piper was awake in this picture.
Sorry for the blurriness, but Finn is giving a thumbs up!
Seven didn't even want to try the donuts....he is different sometimes.
Rilian also approved!
Rilian found the donuts later in the day when no one was watching...I think he was on a sugar high!
He could not stand still! That boy LOVES sweets! I'm gonna have to keep an eye on him when he is older :)

Thursday, July 18, 2013

The Zoo

One of the things we did earlier this summer was go to the zoo. The kids always love feeding the giraffes. Rilian and Seven were feeding one of the giraffes here. 
After we came down from the giraffe bridge, I thought it would be cool to get a picture of the kids with the giraffes in the background. Two of the four kids looking at the camera isn't bad, right?
When we came upon the caterpillar, Seven had to have his picture taken on it, again. Piper didn't want to be in the picture and I'm not sure what Rilian is doing with his hand.
Next was the standard ladybug picture, per Seven's request. Rilian was mad because there wasn't enough room on the ladybug for him, too. 
 Now he's happy!
As the years pass, it will be fun to look back at the pictures of the kids on the caterpillar and ladybug. Thanks to Seven, every time we go to the zoo, we will have these pictures. He ALWAYS wants to get his picture taken on them!

Monday, July 15, 2013

4 Year Old Genius

Rilian has a newfound interest in the magnetic letters. We were in the kitchen one day and he said, "I wrote I Love You Seven." I looked and this is what I saw...
Sure enough, he did! It's not spelled correctly, but for teaching himself how to sound out words and letters, he did an excellent job! I am so proud of him! He is so smart! He is already reading, too! He will start preschool in August. His teacher doesn't know what is about to hit her!

Sunday, July 14, 2013


I didn't realize when I posted the last post that it was actually as far back as May. So, if this post seems out of place, it is from the end of May. Yes, I am still that far behind...

Seven graduated Kindergarten this year! It may not seem like that big of a deal, but Kindergarten is a big deal. It is your first year of school! My kids have all gone to preschool, but that is preschool. (Rilian will start in August.) Once they get to Kindergarten, they are with the big dogs! Seven was standing on stage with his class and his teacher holding his awards.  

Thanks to my awesome friend, Vanessa, all four kindergarten classes had these cool graduation caps. I hope she reads this and knows how wonderful she is for making caps for all four of the kindergarten classes at Seven's school! Her son and Seven are friends, but not in the same kindergarten class.
 After school Seven's good friend, Logan, wanted to get his picture taken together.
 Olivia also wanted a picture with Seven.
This year, Seven was accepted into the Gifted and Talented Program. He and his friend (the one who's mom made the caps) are the only ones out of the four kindergarten classes that got accepted into the program. It is also pretty rare to have a kindergartner accepted into the program. Maybe they will be in the same 1st grade class. 

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Splash Pad

We went to the Splash Pad earlier this summer. It was a cloudy and cooler day. When we went last summer, the same thing happened. I guess if I want a cloudy cooler summer day, I need to plan a trip to the Splash Pad!

Seven climbed up on top of this dolphin. Piper and Finn were playing in the water in this picture.
Finn shooting the other dolphin. I have to applaud whoever made these dolphins. You are able to turn them completely around (360 degrees) while they shoot water. But when they are aimed at the picnic tables, they will not shoot water. I am VERY thankful for that! 
Piper, our natural born climber, climbed on the dolphin's tale. I'm surprised she didn't think of it before Seven!
Rilian was having a blast just playing in the water in the background of Finn trying to climb onto the dolphin's tale.

A Trip To The Farm

My MOPS group went to May Farm awhile ago. I am just now getting to blogging about it. Rilian had a BLAST feeding all the animals. This was when we first got there. He was laughing at the goat sticking its head between the rails.  
 Feeding the tortoise...well, they might not have eaten the food...
It seems like I mostly took pictures of Rilian feeding goats. There were all kinds of farm animals there to feed and pet. Horses, donkeys, chickens, pigs, etc. 
Rilian said this goat looked like Daddy. If you know Jeremy, you understand why!
The tongue on this goat was cracking me up. You can really see it towards the end of the video. Rilian is squealing with excitement.
More goats...they were all trying to get fed by Rilian. The one is standing on its house.
I love how interested Rilian was in the goats and feeding them. You can really see it in this picture. He was just taking it all in!
Miss May has an area where you can sit and hold some of the animals. Rilian was holding a big bunny.

Then he wanted to hold a young chicken. He was so gentle with it and petted it so carefully!

We also went on one of Miss May's crazy "hay" rides!