Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Splash Pad

We went to the Splash Pad earlier this summer. It was a cloudy and cooler day. When we went last summer, the same thing happened. I guess if I want a cloudy cooler summer day, I need to plan a trip to the Splash Pad!

Seven climbed up on top of this dolphin. Piper and Finn were playing in the water in this picture.
Finn shooting the other dolphin. I have to applaud whoever made these dolphins. You are able to turn them completely around (360 degrees) while they shoot water. But when they are aimed at the picnic tables, they will not shoot water. I am VERY thankful for that! 
Piper, our natural born climber, climbed on the dolphin's tale. I'm surprised she didn't think of it before Seven!
Rilian was having a blast just playing in the water in the background of Finn trying to climb onto the dolphin's tale.

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