Sunday, July 7, 2013

Piper's 9th Birthday

This year for Piper's birthday party, she wanted a slumber party. I told her she could invite 3 friends. Since that wasn't very many people, she also wanted a birthday party. Her 3 friends spent the night Friday night and then we had her birthday party where more of her friends came the next morning. I cropped her invitation so as to hide the address and phone number. 
At the sleepover, the girls had alot of fun! They decorated tea light candle holders using these sticker beads...

The tea light candles were battery operated and changed colors. These are their finished crafts.
Piper and three of her closest friends...Kalie, Murrayah, and Lindsey. These are the friends Piper chose for her sleepover.
 Silly picture!
Piper has become quite the animal lover. She also is very interested in endangered animals. Granny came into contact, through her work, with a lady who works with sea turtles. She works for an organization that helps them get their babies into the sea after they hatch. Piper got to meet her and talk to her when she came into town. She gave Piper this shirt for her birthday.
Piper's birthday theme was sea turtles. I explained that sea turtles were prey to certain predators and when their eggs hatch, the babies have to quickly get into the sea so they don't get eaten by a predator. We had a relay race where they had to pretend they were sea turtles and run to me and back.

I also explained that the Mama sea turtles bury their eggs in the sand to protect them from predators. Here is Mama sea turtle protecting her eggs.

I buried about 100 plastic Easter eggs and let the kids dig for them. Some of eggs had little sea turtles in them. I told the kids that not all of the eggs had baby sea turtles in them because sometimes predators get to the eggs before they hatch. The eggs that didn't have sea turtles in them had predators in them. There were crabs, flip flops and fish. The flip flops symbolized humans. 
Since Piper had a slumber party Friday night and her party Saturday morning, I had to decorate Granny's house Thursday night. It was as if we were under the ocean. There were balloons on the ceiling for bubbles...
Seaweed with bubbles...
The final product...
The table cloth was the beach...the ocean with sea creatures and sand...(this was before I taped the sand down).
In the ocean were all kinds of fish, sea horse, and a crab near the sand. The waves lapped the seashore...
Octopus, turtles, starfish, bubbles...
A close up of the awesome sea turtle cupcakes that Jeremy made! He put the sea turtles on "sand" on the cupcakes.
Time for cake...I mean, cupcakes!
"Happy Birthday to you..."
Happy 9th Birthday Piper! Life gets more fun the older you get. I love your personality and how grown up you act sometimes. It doesn't seem like it has been 9 years since I held the tiny newborn you in may arms! I love you and look forward to seeing how you continue to mature into a beautiful young lady!

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