Wednesday, July 10, 2013

A Trip To The Farm

My MOPS group went to May Farm awhile ago. I am just now getting to blogging about it. Rilian had a BLAST feeding all the animals. This was when we first got there. He was laughing at the goat sticking its head between the rails.  
 Feeding the tortoise...well, they might not have eaten the food...
It seems like I mostly took pictures of Rilian feeding goats. There were all kinds of farm animals there to feed and pet. Horses, donkeys, chickens, pigs, etc. 
Rilian said this goat looked like Daddy. If you know Jeremy, you understand why!
The tongue on this goat was cracking me up. You can really see it towards the end of the video. Rilian is squealing with excitement.
More goats...they were all trying to get fed by Rilian. The one is standing on its house.
I love how interested Rilian was in the goats and feeding them. You can really see it in this picture. He was just taking it all in!
Miss May has an area where you can sit and hold some of the animals. Rilian was holding a big bunny.

Then he wanted to hold a young chicken. He was so gentle with it and petted it so carefully!

We also went on one of Miss May's crazy "hay" rides! 

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