Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Little Witches

I thought I had finished my "Halloween" posts, but looking back to see what the next blog post should be, I found these pictures... 

The kids were at Granny's house one day, in October, and she had gotten them each a witch hat. Here is Seven with his hat, and of course, a witch wouldn't be complete without a broom.
Piper and Finn look like they were mixing up their witch's brew. 
And we can't forget about little Rilian...He also had a broom and a hat, just like his brothers and sister.
I have a story that I must include in this post. It kinda goes with the theme...

Piper had come home from school one day with some Halloween jokes. She was reading them aloud. She said, "What do you call a witch that lives on the beach?" Seven exclaims, "Bitch!" Wow! I am not sure exactly where he heard that word. I do not use that word. I must admit though that we don't sensor the movies they watch sometimes. Sometimes you don't really realize how bad a movie is until let your children watch it. I told him that wasn't a nice word. Plus, Seven is a sponge. He only had to have heard it one time and it was logged in his little sponge of a brain. If you don't know the real answer to the joke, it is "A Sandwich."

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Book Review: Night Night Blessings

Night Night Blessings, by Amy Parker is a cute children's book about a child at bedtime. She is remembering everything about her day and thanking God for each thing. This would be a good book to read to your child or children as you are putting them to bed at night. Night Night Blessings is a good book to help your child remember all the blessings they have in their life and to remember to thank God for them. 

I think it is interesting what things children think of to be thankful for. Sometimes it is so simple, such as their puppy that gives them kisses. They often think of things we, as adults, take for granted. In Night Night Blessings, the little girl thanks God for exactly what a child would think to be thankful for.

Night Night Blessings also has cute illustrations to go along with the story. It is a simple book. If you have young children who can read, they will be able to read it, also. 

I would recommend this book for anyone who has young children. 

Disclaimer: I received this book from Thomas Nelson to review for free. I was not required to give any positive feedback. All the opinions expressed are my own.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Trick or Treat!

This year for Halloween, we had Bumblebee (the yellow transformer), a pretty ballerina, an adorable cow, and Optimus Prime (the blue transformer).
I'm not exactly sure what Piper was doing here, but I had to include the picture because I thought it was kinda funny.
Then we have the silly pose picture...Rilian was trying to do what Piper was doing.
Seven and Finn wanted a fighting picture. Although, I think both Bumblebee and Optimus Prime are good transformers and friends.
Another silly picture...and Rilian trying to do what his big brothers were doing with their hands.
Pretty ballerina doing a pirouette.
Optimus Prime ready to take on the world!
Finn wanted a picture taken by himself, too.
Rilian was too cute! And when we went on our annual Halloween hayride, the hay sticking to his costume only enhanced it!
Now the sillies come back...Once again, I do not know what Piper was doing. I guess Miss Ballerina, turned hip hop.
Care Bear Stare! Oh, wait...wrong character. I'm not up to date on my Transformer schooling, but I guess that circle on Bumblebee does something.
Seven's mask turned into a shield.
Nanny came for a visit. My mom's costume was pretty funny, and if you know her, it is very fitting. She tends to get hurt somehow.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Our Jack 'O Lantern

I don't know about your Jack 'O Lantern, but the face of our Jack 'O Lantern had four parts...right eye, left eye, nose, and mouth. Since we have four children, we let them each pick which part of the face they wanted to design. 
Once they knew what part they were going to design, we let them decide what shape it should be.

The kids are always fascinated by what is inside the pumpkin! 
If you don't know, both Jeremy and I don't care to get our hands messy. So, when the kids wanted to take the insides out of the pumpkin, we were more than happy to let them dig in! Finn kind of takes after us and wanted to use a spoon. And I love how Rilian seems like he just doesn't know what to think!
Digging in...
Everyone gets a turn...
Ewwww!!! Pumpkin guts! I love the look on Rilian's face. He pretty much had this look the whole time. He just didn't know what to think of all the fun.
Piper and Finn love to watch inside the pumpkin as Jeremy carves the face. 
Two different shaped eyes, picked by two different children. A diamond and a square.
Then a triangle nose, picked by another child.
And the mouth designed by the fourth child designer.
And of course we have to take pictures by our Jack 'O Lantern.
After the "serious" picture, we get to do a silly picture. Funny how Finn didn't change much.
The kids have started wanting individual pictures. Piper decided she wanted to kiss the pumpkin for her picture.
Sweet Finn...
Seven with his arm around the pumpkin.
Rilian saw Piper kiss the pumpkin, so he also wanted to kiss the pumpkin in his picture.
Then Piper decided to smile for a picture with our Jack 'O Lantern.
Finn wanted me to take a picture with him karate chopping the Jack 'O Lantern.
A few years ago, Granny Joyce found a cool light that changes colors to put in our Jack 'O Lantern. Take a look!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Pumpkin Patch

Every child needs a pumpkin to decorate in October for Halloween. Where can you find pumpkins? At the pumpkin patch, of course! We went to the pumpkin patch one Saturday and I was very pleased at how well my kids cooperated with me taking their pictures!

There were alot of good photo opportunities that day.

I love how photogenic Finn is! I didn't realize that Seven was in the background crawling around on the pumpkins until I posted this picture. Oh well! 
What's a day with our family without some silly pictures? Piper chose this pose. 
Piper chose to be off in the bushes for this one. I'm not sure what is going on with the boys...
I think the silly pictures bring out each of my children's personalities.
Rilian found a pumpkin to hold. I guess Finn decided he found a pumpkin to pose by too. 
Piper wanted me to take this picture of her. So I am sharing it with you. 
Seven is alot like Piper at times. He decided he needed to pose for his own picture, too. 
Rilian found another pumpkin to hold. 
Piper saw this wagon and wanted her picture taken while she sat on it. Most likely, if she is anything like me (which she is), she won't always want her picture taken as she gets older, so when she asked for me to take her picture, I did!
Seven saw Piper getting her picture taken again and he (again) decided he wanted his picture taken. Funny how he didn't smile. Interesting spot he chose.
After we were finished taking pictures and went on a hayride, it was time for the kids to pick out a small pumpkin to take home and decorate. Finn doesn't look too thrilled, but here is his pumpkin.
Piper decided she didn't want to pick out a pumpkin. So, she just posed for another picture. Love that girl!
Looks like Rilian saw how Finn showed me his pumpkin and did the same thing.
After carefully surveying all the pumpkins, Seven finally found THE one.
I turned around after taking the picture of Seven and saw this...
I took that to mean that Finn was done and we went home.

The kids decorated their pumpkins that night. Finn decorated both sides. This is one side.
And this is the other side of his pumpkin.
Piper proudly showing off the face she drew on her little pumpkin. Wait, didn't she say she didn't want a pumpkin when we were at the pumpkin patch? I decided to pick out one for her in case she changed her mind. Good thing I thought ahead :)
This is actually the pumpkin I picked out for Piper, but Rilian willingly traded with her when she didn't want this one and wanted the one he picked out. What a sweet little brother!
Last, but not least, Seven and his pumpkin.