Saturday, November 12, 2011

Our Jack 'O Lantern

I don't know about your Jack 'O Lantern, but the face of our Jack 'O Lantern had four parts...right eye, left eye, nose, and mouth. Since we have four children, we let them each pick which part of the face they wanted to design. 
Once they knew what part they were going to design, we let them decide what shape it should be.

The kids are always fascinated by what is inside the pumpkin! 
If you don't know, both Jeremy and I don't care to get our hands messy. So, when the kids wanted to take the insides out of the pumpkin, we were more than happy to let them dig in! Finn kind of takes after us and wanted to use a spoon. And I love how Rilian seems like he just doesn't know what to think!
Digging in...
Everyone gets a turn...
Ewwww!!! Pumpkin guts! I love the look on Rilian's face. He pretty much had this look the whole time. He just didn't know what to think of all the fun.
Piper and Finn love to watch inside the pumpkin as Jeremy carves the face. 
Two different shaped eyes, picked by two different children. A diamond and a square.
Then a triangle nose, picked by another child.
And the mouth designed by the fourth child designer.
And of course we have to take pictures by our Jack 'O Lantern.
After the "serious" picture, we get to do a silly picture. Funny how Finn didn't change much.
The kids have started wanting individual pictures. Piper decided she wanted to kiss the pumpkin for her picture.
Sweet Finn...
Seven with his arm around the pumpkin.
Rilian saw Piper kiss the pumpkin, so he also wanted to kiss the pumpkin in his picture.
Then Piper decided to smile for a picture with our Jack 'O Lantern.
Finn wanted me to take a picture with him karate chopping the Jack 'O Lantern.
A few years ago, Granny Joyce found a cool light that changes colors to put in our Jack 'O Lantern. Take a look!

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  1. What a fun, fair way to have only one pumpkin!