Monday, November 12, 2012

Entertainment Provided by Seven

One day we were at Granny's house and Seven was playing with tissue paper. He was quite the entertainer that day with a huge imagination!

Here is my Super Hero in a Super Hero pose. He said the blue and purple sticks on the front of his cape were his super powers.
 Then he made an umbrella and was sitting under it.
 A tiger growling...
Back to the Super Hero. Seven wanted me to video him jumping off the couch and chair.
Super Hero holding his umbrella and singing in the rain...
After the first two videos, Seven wanted me to video him as a tiger growling. He has a pretty impressive growl!
I guess after all that Super Hero stuff and being a growling tiger, Seven got hungry because he made a hamburger to eat.
Of course, the "video bug" was still with Seven and he wanted me to record him eating his burger. 
Must have been a really good burger! Then he added ranch to his burger...
Seven drew black spots on a white piece of tissue paper and became a cow...Moo!
Seven then became a sheep...Baaaa!
I hope you have enjoyed Seven's entertainment as much as he enjoyed doing it! I love his imagination! I can't wait to see what he does with his life as he grows older.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Piper's Girl Scout Bridging

Piper's Girl Scout troop had their bridging one Saturday afternoon. What does bridging mean? It is a ceremony where the girls receive awards and badges for their achievements. Also, depending what age they are, they may transition to the next membership level in Girl Scouts. Piper is a Brownie. She did not bridge to a Junior this year, which is the next membership level. She will be in 4th grade next year and then will be a Junior. 

Piper got to do the honors of lighting one of the candles. 
Saying the Girl Scout Promise...
Seven was really tired! He has a piece of cake in front of him, but it kinda looks like the zzzz's are winning.
Piper and Makalie are best friends! They can be quite ornery together. Often they switch name tags with each other. Ms. Anita called Piper up to get her awards and  Makalie went up because she had on Piper's name tag. So, she was Piper. Then Ms. Anita said, "Will the real Piper come up, please?" Quite comical those girls!
I think they were still laughing about it in this picture. But here is Piper accepting her awards and new badges to put on her sash.
It had poured rain that day for hours. The town we live in floods when we get a significant amount of rain. For some reason, whoever built the town decided it was a good idea to let the streets be the drainage system, rather than building an actual drainage system. Since it hadn't rained a good amount in such a long time, the kid's rain boots had gotten small on them. We bought them some new ones that morning. We found rain boots in the correct size for everyone but Rilian at the first store we went to. We went to another store to find some for Rilian. Only Rilian and Jeremy went in while the rest of us waited in the car. (When you have four kids, you don't always take all of them in the store if you are looking for just one thing.) These are the boots Rilian insisted he liked and wanted. He really liked the butterfly on them. So, JEREMY let him get them. He is SO proud of his boots!
I thought this was such a good picture of my beautiful Girl Scout, so I just had to include it!

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Shutting the World Out

On Sundays, we eat lunch with grandparents. We were done eating and just hanging out. As a parent, you know that if you don't see your kids for awhile, most likely, you should go check on them because if they're anything like my kids, they are up to no good! I went to check on Rilian and this is what I saw...He had just finished closing himself in.
 When he noticed someone else was in the room, he looked up.
I often wonder at the things my kids do and wonder what were they thinking? What was he imagining he was doing? He has such an imagination! I just had to laugh at his cuteness.