Monday, December 26, 2011

Book Review: Heaven is for Real, for kids

I had heard good reviews about the book, Heaven is for Real. When I saw that I could receive a copy of Heaven is for Real, for kids, I was excited to receive it and read it to give it a review. 

Heaven is for Real, for kids, as told by Colton Burpo to his parents, Todd & Sonja Burpo, is a good book to read to your kids to help them understand what it is like in heaven. This book is written in a way that is easy for kids to understand. It is beautifully illustrated with vivid and colorful pictures of what Colton saw when he was in heaven. Heaven is for Real, for kids would be a good book to read to your children when they become more curious as to what it will be like in heaven. There are also scriptures to go along with what Colton describes that he saw when he was in heaven.

At the end of the book, there are questions that your children may have after reading Heaven is for Real, for kids. If you don't know the answers to the questions you children may have, these questions would be a good place to start.

Perhaps you have a loved-one, or a close friend who may be nearing death. This would be a good book to read to your children to help them understand what it will be like for their loved-one or close friend when they die. I think it would help to ease any fears your child had about their loved-one or close friend dying.

I have not read the other version of the book, Heaven is for Real (the one written on an adult level). But after reading Heaven is for Real, for kids, I am excited to read it!

Disclaimer: I received this book from Thomas Nelson Publishers to review. I was not required to give any positive feedback. All the opinions expressed are my own.

Friday, December 23, 2011

While We Wait...

Jeremy has a cousin that lives about 3 hours away and he just happens to be a dentist. He is awesome in that he does all our dental work for us...for free! And on top of that, he often takes us out to lunch afterwards. We are very thankful for Dr. Payne and his generosity! 

Last month, we had to pay another visit to Dr. Payne, to finish up Jeremy's root canal. Piper and Finn were still in school, so we took Seven and Rilian with us. What do a 4 year old and a 2 year old do in the waiting room when they are done playing with the toys? They crawl under the chairs and look out the window, of course!
When Jeremy was done with his root canal and got out of the chair, Seven decided it looked like a slide...
Oh, the things kids think up!

Monday, December 19, 2011

Being Thankful for Your Spouse

With Thanksgiving just past us and Christmas nearing VERY soon, I thought it fitting to talk about being thankful for your husband. I am thankful for the 12 years I have been married to Jeremy.
It is so easy to complain about your husband to other people. "My husband does this..." "My husband never helps with this..." And so on. I am not going to give you examples of what I don't like about my husband, or the things he doesn't do or anything like that. For one, that would be demeaning to him. And two, I said I was going to talk about being thankful.

Some things that I am thankful for are:
When Piper, my first child, and Finn, my second child were born, I didn't change a diaper for at least the first week! How many husbands are willing to jump in and take charge like that? I had c-sections and Jeremy knew I was in alot of pain, so he was just trying to help out...What a good husband! Although, I do have to add that Jeremy should have given me a little warning before I changed Finn's diaper for the first time...that kid was born without a bum! It looked so odd to me. I mean, he literally had no cheeks! There was just a hole. I was very surprised and said something to Jeremy afterwards about him giving me some sort of a warning. Finn did eventually grow some cheeks. There's still not much to him. He eats like a horse, but is really skinny. I would love to have his metabolism. I say he is a skeleton with skin.

Another thankful thing: When Rilian was born, I did not put gas in our car until he was 8 weeks old. Jeremy just always took care of it. 

And: Jeremy loves to cook. So, he makes our kid's birthday cakes and LOVES to do it! I have never had a desire to cook. I only cook out of necessity. And if I have to follow a recipe with lots of ingredients or instructions, that is just too much effort and I will find something else to make. In fact, when I was younger, I said I would marry someone who can cook, well, that is exactly what I did! 

One more example: Thursday night when I got home from running, Jeremy had just cleaned up Finn's puke. Finn tried to throw up in the trash can in the bathroom, but missed. Then he tried to throw up in the toilet, but the lid was down and he didn't realize it, so when he threw up, it made a big mess in the bathroom. Jeremy said, "Finn then looked at him and said, 'It's throw up.'" Poor kid was out of it. I am very thankful that Jeremy cleaned up the nasty mess! I'm pretty sure there are some husbands who would have left if for their wife to clean up when she got home. 

Now before you go and think my husband is better than yours, he does have his flaws, as does everybody. A friend of mine, Tonya, shared a story with me the other day...She said she used to work with a girl whose husband was always sending her flowers and he seemed so nice and caring. Tonya said she later found out that the reason he was doing all that was because he was having an affair. So, things are not always what they seem. You may think someone else's husband seems better than yours for whatever reason. But there are things that you do not see or know. I am not saying that every case is the same. I am just saying be thankful for what kind of a husband you have. Someone always has it worse than you. 

The next time you think about complaining about your husband to your friends, stop yourself and remind yourself of what he does that you are thankful for. Today when your husband comes home from work, tell him something you are thankful for about him. You never know what good may come of it...later :)

Saturday, December 17, 2011


I always look forward to Thanksgiving because that means my family and my brother's family get together. Our kids LOVE each other! It is always fun to see them play together. 

We had Thanksgiving at my mom's house. The kids love playing on the trampoline and love when Papa Bud jumps with them. He didn't happen to be jumping with them in these pictures. I think he was inside helping Nanny with the turkey.
I think it's cool to capture them mid-jump, in the air.
When they were done jumping on the trampoline, they moved over to the swing-set. It's a good thing Nanny has a big enough swing set for her 7 grandchildren!
Piper, Mabrie, and Allie all swung together.
Finn and Seven did their own swinging.
Then Rilian decided to join the girls.
Kaden had his own swing, inside, where it was warm.
Granny Joyce made these cute turkeys for the kids to enjoy.
Allie, Mabrie, and Piper were waiting for their turn to swing ;)
I bet not too many grandparents have a "white swing". That is what my kids call the hammock. It is just one big white swing to relaxing going on there...ALL play! Finn is trying to climb in and Seven and Rilian are trying to climb out.
The white swing often poses a challenge to get on AND stay on!
We were able to capture a good picture of all 7 cousins. My four kids and my brother's three kids. My brother and I blessed our parents with 6 grandchildren in 4 years. This past July, my sister-in-law had Kaden and brought the total grandchildren to 7!
I thought this was such a cute picture of Jeremy tickling Rilian. 
But Jeremy wasn't just tickling Rilian. Rilian and Jeremy like to play a game called "Whose boy are you?" Jeremy asks Rilian, "Whose boy are you?" Rilian will answer, "I'm Mama's boy." Then Jeremy tickles him. Jeremy asks again, "Whose boy are you?" Rilian will get tickled until he finally answers, "I'm Daddy's boy." It's cute and so are his giggles!

Rilian, Finn, Mabrie, and Allie were enjoying the turkeys that Granny Joyce made.
Seven decided to be a loner and eat his turkey on the slide...all by himself.
The inevitable time came when we had to say goodbye to my brother's family, so they could travel back home. My dad came into town to have Thanksgiving dinner with us and we all went over to Granny Joyce's for dinner. 

Monday, December 12, 2011

Book Review: When God Created My Toes

When God Created My Toes, by Dandi Daley Mackall, is a sweet, easy-to-read children's book.

                                       "When God created my toes, 
                                        did He make them wiggle?
                                        Did He know I'd giggle? 
                                        Did He have to hold His nose, 
                                        When God created my toes?"

When God Created My Toes, allows children to imagine what it was like when God created them. This book goes from the toes all the way to the head, asking silly rhyming questions about what God may have done when creating us. It also has cute, silly illustrations to go along with the story. The illustrator, David Hohn, was just as creative as the author, Dandi Daley Mackall, was. 

My kids loved this book. They laughed each time we read it. They want to read it over and over again!  

Waterbrook Multnomah gave me this book for free for the purpose of this review. I was not required to say anything positive about the book.

Friday, December 9, 2011

Finally Getting Pierced Ears!

Piper has been asking for about four years now if she could get her ears pierced. When she first started asking, her youngest brother was crawling about and he put EVERYTHING in his mouth. I didn't want to risk him finding one of her earrings on the floor and putting it in his mouth. When she started asking again, she had another baby brother to deal with, that would have also put her earrings in her mouth if he found them on the floor. Well, now Piper's youngest brother will be three years old in February. I am not so worried about him putting things in his mouth and swallowing them. Could it still happen? Yes, but I would worry less about it being a three-year-old swallowing it than a crawling baby swallowing it.

A few weeks ago, we decided to let Piper get her ears pierced. I think this was one of the happiest days of her life! We went to Claire's. They gave her a black teddy bear named, Clairie, to squeeze while she was getting her ears pierced. Look how tight she is squeezing the bear!
I tried to get a close-up to show you what cute earrings she picked out, but I guess I didn't get close enough for a clear view. If you want a better picture, you can go here, and look at the Blue Zircon Crystal Daisy. That is the one she chose. She had to get a pair that she really liked, since she will not be able to change them for six weeks.
Now, for those of you who are not faint at heart, if you want to feel like you were there with us and watch Piper get her ears pierced, you can watch this video.
Claire's gave Piper this cute bag to carry her cleaning solution home in.
I have to admit, I was a little apprehensive about letting Piper get her ears pierced. She is supposed to leave them in for six whole weeks and clean them three times a day. I was kind of worried she would take them out for some reason or other and then her ears would close. I have to brag on her and say that she still has them in her ears. We are about halfway through the six week healing period now. Only about three more weeks to go!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Life is Never Dull

If you know my kids or have spent any amount of time with any of them, you know that they are quite the entertainment! 

We were at my mom's house one day, and I heard Seven calling my name. I looked and this is what I saw...
I have no idea what goes on in their precious little heads at times. 
Seven is one funny four-year-old! He is the funniest four-year-old that I know. I'm not just saying that because he is my four-year-old. He honestly is very funny!