Monday, December 30, 2013

Curiosity and the Rooster

Jeremy's mom found this beautiful rooster on Craigslist, so Jeremy was going to give it a new home at the farm. 
However, the rooster made a short stop at our house...At first, I had it on the back porch in the box, but it started to rain and I didn't want the box to get too wet and lose the rooster. I decided the best thing to do was bring him inside. We have a Siberian Husky and a cat, so I kept the rooster in the box in our house. I didn't want the rooster to get eaten by our pets and then have a big bloody mess to clean up, thus the reason for keeping him in the box. 

Mingus realized there was a box in our house and he became curious...
SO curious! He does not know that a rooster is in there!
Slooooowly walking up to the box...
Sniffing the tail feathers that are sticking out of the box...wanting to swat them, but not quite sure yet. (The bird chirp at the end is our parakeet in another room).
Getting brave enough to swat at the tail feathers and to stick his paw in the box handle...
Sticking his paw in the box, trying to reach the rooster...
More curiosity...
Peeking into the other end of the box trying to see the rooster...
The rooster started clucking and scratching at the box...I think he might have been starting to get annoyed with Mingus continuing to reach his paw in the box to get him.
In case you're wondering, the rooster stayed IN the box until we took him to the farm later that evening. He was not harmed in the making of this blog post, nor after.

Bath Time Hair

Rilian's hair was getting kind of long and he needed a haircut...So, I had a little fun "styling" it in the bath...

Powder Puff Derby

This year, Piper's Girl Scout Troop participated in the Powder Puff Derby. It is the same thing as the Boy Scout's Pinewood Derby. Finn has participated in the Pinewood Derby two years now. You can read about last year and this year, if you want.

Piper worked hard on her car. 

 She wanted it to look like a tiger.
Dressed in her uniform and ready for the race!
I thought these cars were very Girl Scoutish. The blue truck had boxes of Girl Scout cookies in it. The other one was a Girl Scout on a camp out.
There were also some pretty fancy cars at the race. A couple these were my friend's daughter's cars. 
The ribbons and trophies...Each level (Daisies, Brownies, Juniors, etc.) raced against each other. After those winners were determined and given a ribbon for 1st, 2nd, or 3rd place, the 1st place winners of each level raced against each other to determine the overall winner.
The race took several hours to complete, Rilian had some fun in the photo booth while the race was going on.
 Seven did, too.
Lining up the cars to race...Piper's in the orange one on the left.
There were A LOT of cars there! I recorded all of Piper's races, but only included a few on this post so as not to bore you...
Piper's car is in the middle lane...
Piper's car is in the middle lane...
Piper's car is in the right lane...
Piper's car is in the middle lane...
After Rilian was done at the photo booth, I think he got a little bored...he made a "snow angel" on the floor...
Piper is a Junior this year. She beat all the other Junior's cars and won 1st place!
Piper and Evy won ribbons in our troop. Evy is in Piper's Girl Scout Troop. Evy is a Brownie. She won 2nd place with the Brownies.
Not only did Piper win 1st place for the Juniors, she won 1st place overall and got a trophy for it! That means her car won EVERY race! GREAT job Piper!!!

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Rilian's Field Trip to May Farm

Rilian's class took a field trip to May Farm. It is a petting zoo outside of town. Here they are getting on the bus...Rilian is towards the front of the line with his hood on.
 At May Farm, sitting with his class...
Some of the animals...there are lots of goats, a couple of llamas, horses, donkeys, sheep, chickens, pigs, tortoises, cats, and a couple of dogs at May Farm. 
Rilian's teacher, Mrs. McCorkle, was giving he and his partner some food to feed the animals with.
 Feeding the animals...

Rilian wasn't too sure about the llama at first, but he was smiling as he tried to decide if he wanted to feed it or not...
After a little bit of thinking, Rilian decided he would go ahead and feed the llama.
Holding a chicken...
Holding a two week old sheep! The sheep kind of looks like a goat with the black and white, but it is an adorable baby sheep!
Riding one of the horses with one of his classmates.
Rilian was proud that he was balancing on one of the beams on the picnic table.
Rilian's class with their teachers. Rilian is the one in the middle with his hood on...silly boy!
Rilian's class was making donkey ears.


We ate a Jack-o-Lantern pizza from Papa Murphy's for dinner. It was yummy!
Seven was Luke Skywalker. Piper was a black cat. Rilian was Mike Wazowski, from Monster's Inc. Finn was Master Chief, from Halo. I love Seven's expression in this picture with his light saber. It is really red, but looks pink here.
Rilian was looking at the camera in this picture, so I included it, too. 
My mom's church had a carnival with lots of candy and games. I thought this one was was a cow patty toss...
 My mom also dressed up at the carnival!

Carving the Pumpkin

Yes, I know we just had Christmas, but I am just now finding time to post the last parts of October...

The kids always love making a jack-o-lantern near Halloween. Jeremy makes the first cut as the kids get as close as they can!

 After the lid is removed, they dig in to remove all the guts!

Our jack-o-lantern has four parts, as most do. There is a left eye, a right eye, a nose, and a mouth. We put each of the parts on a piece of paper in a bowl. Each child gets to pick a piece of paper with one of the parts on it. Then they get to pick what shape or what they want that part to look like. 
Finn picked the right eye. He watched as Jeremy made it look like a cat eye. 
Piper picked the left eye. She wanted it to look like a mushroom. I think she just wanted to give Jeremy a challenge...
 Rilian picked the nose. He wanted it to be an upside down triangle.
 Seven got the mouth. He wanted it to be a smile with fang teeth.
We usually end up with an interesting looking jack-o-lantern, but the kids think it is fun!
And a close-up of our jack-o-lantern...It looks like it is plugged in because of the cable behind it. There is actually a battery operated light inside that changes from red to green to blue.