Saturday, December 28, 2013

Carving the Pumpkin

Yes, I know we just had Christmas, but I am just now finding time to post the last parts of October...

The kids always love making a jack-o-lantern near Halloween. Jeremy makes the first cut as the kids get as close as they can!

 After the lid is removed, they dig in to remove all the guts!

Our jack-o-lantern has four parts, as most do. There is a left eye, a right eye, a nose, and a mouth. We put each of the parts on a piece of paper in a bowl. Each child gets to pick a piece of paper with one of the parts on it. Then they get to pick what shape or what they want that part to look like. 
Finn picked the right eye. He watched as Jeremy made it look like a cat eye. 
Piper picked the left eye. She wanted it to look like a mushroom. I think she just wanted to give Jeremy a challenge...
 Rilian picked the nose. He wanted it to be an upside down triangle.
 Seven got the mouth. He wanted it to be a smile with fang teeth.
We usually end up with an interesting looking jack-o-lantern, but the kids think it is fun!
And a close-up of our jack-o-lantern...It looks like it is plugged in because of the cable behind it. There is actually a battery operated light inside that changes from red to green to blue. 

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