Saturday, December 28, 2013

Rilian's Field Trip to May Farm

Rilian's class took a field trip to May Farm. It is a petting zoo outside of town. Here they are getting on the bus...Rilian is towards the front of the line with his hood on.
 At May Farm, sitting with his class...
Some of the animals...there are lots of goats, a couple of llamas, horses, donkeys, sheep, chickens, pigs, tortoises, cats, and a couple of dogs at May Farm. 
Rilian's teacher, Mrs. McCorkle, was giving he and his partner some food to feed the animals with.
 Feeding the animals...

Rilian wasn't too sure about the llama at first, but he was smiling as he tried to decide if he wanted to feed it or not...
After a little bit of thinking, Rilian decided he would go ahead and feed the llama.
Holding a chicken...
Holding a two week old sheep! The sheep kind of looks like a goat with the black and white, but it is an adorable baby sheep!
Riding one of the horses with one of his classmates.
Rilian was proud that he was balancing on one of the beams on the picnic table.
Rilian's class with their teachers. Rilian is the one in the middle with his hood on...silly boy!
Rilian's class was making donkey ears.

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