Monday, December 30, 2013

Curiosity and the Rooster

Jeremy's mom found this beautiful rooster on Craigslist, so Jeremy was going to give it a new home at the farm. 
However, the rooster made a short stop at our house...At first, I had it on the back porch in the box, but it started to rain and I didn't want the box to get too wet and lose the rooster. I decided the best thing to do was bring him inside. We have a Siberian Husky and a cat, so I kept the rooster in the box in our house. I didn't want the rooster to get eaten by our pets and then have a big bloody mess to clean up, thus the reason for keeping him in the box. 

Mingus realized there was a box in our house and he became curious...
SO curious! He does not know that a rooster is in there!
Slooooowly walking up to the box...
Sniffing the tail feathers that are sticking out of the box...wanting to swat them, but not quite sure yet. (The bird chirp at the end is our parakeet in another room).
Getting brave enough to swat at the tail feathers and to stick his paw in the box handle...
Sticking his paw in the box, trying to reach the rooster...
More curiosity...
Peeking into the other end of the box trying to see the rooster...
The rooster started clucking and scratching at the box...I think he might have been starting to get annoyed with Mingus continuing to reach his paw in the box to get him.
In case you're wondering, the rooster stayed IN the box until we took him to the farm later that evening. He was not harmed in the making of this blog post, nor after.

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