Friday, February 25, 2011

100 Bible Stories 100 Bible Songs Book Review

Every night, we read the Bible with our kids before they go to bed. When I saw 100 Bible Stories 100 Bible Songs, I was exited to read it with my kids! This book is great because it comes with two CD's. There is a song for each story. At the time that I got the book, my kids were ages 4 and under. So, it is important to have a Bible that will keep the interest of all of them, no matter what their age.

100 Bible Stories 100 Bible Songs takes the 100 most common stories of the Bible and condenses them down to very short one page stories. This book has great illustrations. They are very colorful and attractive to children. I only have one complaint. After we read the Bible story, we would play the song that went with the story. My kids loved this, but it was hard to find the right song sometimes, even though they were labeled on the CD, they didn't always seem to match up. Perhaps if the stories in the book were numbered, as well as the songs on the CD, it would have been easier to find the right song.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Captain McDonald's

I have to apologize for the blurriness of this picture, but you must admit it is still funny!
Seven is quite the character, literally...

I'm not sure what made him to think to put his Happy Meal box on his head and look out the handles. But then there are alot of things that my children do that I have no idea what made them think to do that. Perhaps it is better not knowing.

Speaking of McDonald's and their Happy Meals...There was one time that Seven asked where Rilian's toy was from his Happy Meal. I told Seven that Rilian did not get a Happy Meal, so he did not have a toy. Seven immediately, without thinking, asked, "Did he get a Sad Meal?" What a funny kid! I seriously think he is going to be the class clown when he goes to school. We shall find out next year, when he starts preschool.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Seven talked too much!

For those of you who know Seven, you know that he can talk ALOT! I think he gets that from his dad ;)

One evening, we were at Jeremy's parents house and Seven came into the room looking like this...
He muttered, "Piper did it!" I really tried not to laugh as I called Piper into the room. Wouldn't you have a hard time keeping a straight face, looking at this and hearing, "Piper did it!" through the tape?
When Piper arrived, I asked her why she did it. Her response? "He was talking too much!"

Yes, Piper, our six-year-old daughter, taped her three-year-old brother's mouth shut...She did a "good" job, too. She didn't just put a little bit of tape on his mouth so he couldn't talk. She had wrapped the tape around his mouth and head several times. It was difficult to remove the tape, especially the tape that was in his hair. Sadly, there were tears. I am not sure what gave Piper this idea. I, as an older sister, can say that I had my days where I "tortured" my younger brother. But I am pretty sure I never taped his mouth closed.

Rilian and His Tongue

If any of you have ever been to the Abilene Zoo, you have seen and fed the giraffes. A bridge has been built above them so you can go above them and feed them. The bridge is at a height just above their heads. They stick out their long tongues and sweep the bridge to get the crackers that you can feed them with.
My kids LOVE to feed the Abilene giraffes, as I'm sure most kids do! They think it is so funny when the giraffe's tongue touches their hand with the cracker. They just squeal and crack up laughing! This picture is about 3 years old, but here is Piper and Jeremy feeding the giraffes. It was the best picture I had of one of them feeding the giraffes and the giraffe's tongue sweeping the bridge for the cracker. I guess we need to head back to the zoo with our camera!
Every parent knows how fun it is to teach their kid what the different animals say. Well, neither I nor Jeremy are sure what sound a giraffe makes, but Rilian really likes giraffes. So when we ask him what a giraffe does, he sticks his tongue out and moves it back and forth.       
I have started noticing more and more Rilian playing with his tongue...

We happened to be at Jeremy's parent's house on Rilian's birthday. It was one of the four snow days in a row that we had. Since Granny just happened to have a cake, she stuck two candles in it and we had a little celebration before his "real" birthday party on Saturday. He got a present from Granny and Dadabe. It was a Toy Story book that had different buttons to push as you read the story. You know the kind that make it more dramatic with sound? Rilian found a button that made a song that he really liked and kept pushing it. I noticed he was sticking his tongue out as he danced to it. 
He reminds me so much of the giraffes at the Abilene Zoo sometimes with his tongue. He was putting snow on the sliding glass door and then licking it off, but I think he got a little carried away and kind of forgot about the snow...
Here's a closer view at his cuteness, or grossness...however you want to view it. Seven tries too, but he just isn't as good.
I can speak from experience that Rilian's birthday cupcakes were really good! Jeremy did a wonderful job as usual. Either Rilian really liked them too, or he was just trying to keep his face clean...

Wednesday, February 16, 2011


I live in Texas and it snows about once a year. Last winter, my kids missed two days of school and had a 2 hour delay one day. These were spread out in December and January. This winter, we were nearing the end of January and now snow had fallen yet. I thought to myself, "I guess we aren't going to get any snow this year." I did not share this thought with anyone. I just kept it to myself. The meteorologists had predicted snow, but it never fell when they had it in the forecast. When they predict snow, my motto is, "I'll believe it when I see it." I lived in Ohio until I was about 12 or 13. Then we moved to Texas. I missed the snow. So, I adopted that motto so I wouldn't get my hopes up just to be let down.

It is quite humorous when it snows in Texas! EVERYTHING shuts down! It is like the world is coming to an end because snow is falling from the sky. The road crews do not put salt on the road like they do up north so people can continue to drive on them and live life. 

Well, we finally got our snow...On January 31, it started snowing in the evening. When I woke up, I checked to see if there was school...nope, no school. So I went back to bed until my kids woke up. They were exited when I told them to look out the window and they saw snow!

Here is what it looked like looking down our street. Under all that snow, is our street. 
And if you turn your head and look down our street the other way, this is what it looked like. I don't know if you can tell where the curb is, but you can see on the edge of the street where it is ice. Under all that snow was a very thick layer of ice. It started out raining the night before and then turned into a wintry mix which then turned to snow.
This is our house and front yard all covered in about 4 inches of snow!
From the time the boys saw the snow outside they begged to go out and play in it. We made them eat breakfast first, then they ventured out. Watch as they go out, Finn and Seven leave foot prints and Rilian just leaves two trails. I guess the snow was too deep for him to pick his feet up high enough. Piper had an ear infection so she didn't feel like going out and playing in it. We weren't really prepared for snow as far as snow gear goes. We let them go out with what hats, coats, and rain boots they had. We didn't have enough mitten/gloves for everyone to wear. 
Watch Finn make a snow angel. And listen to how exited Seven is about the snow!!! And yes, those were gardening gloves that Finn picks up at the end...we live in doesn't snow but once a year, twice if we're lucky...we made do with what we had!
There is Finn's snow angel.
Finn wearing gardening gloves...I love how you can see the snow still falling! Does he look cold to you?
I think the snow on Seven's lip is neat! It wasn't melting, it just stayed!
Seven attempts to make a snow angel. He cracks me up! I'm sure he will crack you up in this video, too! Watch and listen!
Seven is pointing at his snow angel.
After Seven and Finn got too cold, they came inside and tried to get warm.
Poor Rilian! His hands were so cold, they hurt. I tried to put them in my hands so they could get warm faster, but he didn't want me to touch them. He didn't want me to wrap them up in the blanket. He just kept holding them and crying. 
Later, Piper's ear felt better and she went outside to enjoy some snow. I don't remember if it was that day, or the next day...the schools were closed for FOUR DAYS IN A ROW!!! People were calling it a snowpocalypse. It was crazy! Tuesday through Friday, the schools were closed! I went to the mall on Saturday to get some stuff for Rilian's birthday party and the mall was packed! Almost every parking space was taken, it was worse than the Christmas holidays!!!
Seven once again humors me...And if you've ever played the game Angry Birds, or have heard the song for it, this will be really funny! It is Jeremy's ringtone...
When your kids have four snow days in a row, the days start to run together and you don't remember which day what happened. So, I have to apologize, but think you will understand, that I don't remember which of the four days this was. I think it was the second one. The kids were getting cabin fever, but we couldn't really go anywhere. For one, the roads were iced up and covered in snow and well, the whole town was shut down...the mall even closed!!! So, we are lucky in that Granny lives about a mile away. We dressed everyone in our warmest clothes and drove very slowly over to Granny's house. The change in scenery seemed to help, some. That night, Finn and Seven had a snowball fight! Jeremy and I made our way to Walmart and bought hats and mittens for our four kiddos. Now they had the proper accessories for the snow!
I'm very glad that Fitia was at Granny's house. She was more than happy to go outside with our kids in the snow! It was a little too cold for me. Does it surprise you that Rilian found a ball and played with it? He LOVES balls! When I saw him through the window playing with the ball, the motto of the mailman went through my mind..."Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds"...That is how much Rilian LOVES balls. Nothing, not even snow, is going to keep him from playing with a ball. 
And that, my friends, is what our snowpocalypse was like.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Who is That?

Who is that? Did a nuclear bomb just go off? Who is that masked bandit? Is it Jeremy dressed to go to work? No...It is Piper!
One night as we were getting the kids ready for bed, I was in the bathroom getting ready to help them brush their teeth, as I was waiting for them to come in. This is how Piper arrived in the bathroom to brush her teeth! Sometimes Piper can be very silly. She was definitely silly that night! This is how Jeremy "dresses" to go to work. 

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Uninhibited Dancing

I had forgotten that this took place around Christmas. It is a little out of order as far as the other posts go, but it doesn't really matter in the grand scheme of things. You still get to see how groovy my kids are!

I am not sure where Finn gets his awesome dance moves from. I can tell you, it is definitely not from me! You will agree if you have ever seen me "try" to dance. I am just too white! Check out his funky moves...
Then you have Finn doing his funky moves in the background as Seven is slow dancing. Where in the world he saw or learned this, I do not know. But it's pretty funny to watch.
Seven transitions from slow dancing to doing a beat box, which is even funnier! 
I can't even watch this one without laughing. I'm sure you will, too! Finn is so graceful! Yes, I said it, Finn is so graceful. He is dancing uninhibited.
I love how my sons aren't afraid to dance however they want to dance! They still have the innocence of children, because they are children. How many of us would feel free enough to "be ourselves" and dance how we wanted to? What happens to us as adults that changes us and gives us inhibitions? Oh, to be a child again.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Brownie Mix and Arm Wrestling

Every child has fond memories of times spent at Grandma's house. Here are some of the memories that some of my  children will have...

Granny made brownies and guess who got to lick the batter!
I love this picture! If it weren't for this picture, I probably wouldn't even have blogged about licking the brownie batter.
Jeremy's parents help out with a lot of international students that attend ACU. My kids have become quite fond of some of the students that spend more time at Jeremy's parent's house. Eldad is from Jamaica. He and Seven were arm wrestling. It looks like it was a pretty tough match between the two! If Eldad weren't wearing a sweater, you would be able to see how strong he really is!
How many of your kids can say they arm wrestled a Jamaican?

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

How Did You Not Notice That?

Usually when we get the kids ready for bed, I brush Finn's teeth. One night, I guess I was running to the store or Redbox :) and Jeremy brushed Finn's teeth that night. When I got home, Jeremy asked me to look in Finn's mouth and asked, "How did you not notice that?" Finn had an adult tooth growing in behind his baby tooth. It was almost halfway grown in and was far enough back that it wasn't touching his baby tooth. My response? Finn is so tall that when he stands on the toilet seat for me to brush his teeth, I don't see down into his mouth. My plan? I called the dentist the very next morning to see what times they had available for that day. I suddenly became very stressed trying to figure out what to do with my two younger children I had at home still and the two children that I babysit through lunch while their mom works half a day. AND trying to figure out what the best appointment time would be. To make a long story short and to not bore you with the details of the next stressful hour until I figured it out, I will leave that part out. If you really care to know, let me know and I will share the details. Anyway, I was able to make the 2:00 appointment work that day. Also, being this time, it assured that Finn missed as little of school as possible. This is always something I try to arrange when I make doctor appointments for my two older kids that are in school.

The dentist said I had two choices. Either she could pull his baby tooth there at the dentist's office, or we could keep wiggling it at home and work it out of his mouth. Wow! What a big and tough decision I had to make. Jeremy was at work, so it was all up to me! Well, luckily I was able to get a hold of Jeremy at work and he helped me to make the decision. We decided to let the dentist pull it out. To me it didn't really feel that loose. But I don't know how many times the dentist said that the tooth was really loose. I guess her definition of loose and my definition of loose are different. With Piper, her baby teeth are extremely loose and barely hanging on when we finally pull them out. I was also afraid that Finn wouldn't be able to get it loose enough to get it out fast enough. The dentist said it needed to come out sooner rather than later.

So she hooked Finn up to some numbing gas so he wouldn't really feel it come out.
Finn was such a big boy. He did so good.
Once we got home, I had him show off his new smile.


I know this is out of order, but I'm sure you will forgive me. Before we took Seven to Barney's Birthday Bash, we went to a friend's birthday party, which ended in bowling. Here's Piper. I love her facial expressions!
Then Finn had a turn. If you are wondering what Finn and Piper are looking up at, they are looking at the scoreboard.
And Seven's turn. Each time he had a turn he wanted to sit down on the ball return. I had to keep telling him to get up so the balls wouldn't hurt him.
I had to put another video of Piper in because it is kinda funny, how she seems not to care. She rolls the ball and then walks away. I used to be like that. I think it is because I don't like people staring at me. I guess Piper decided after not using the metal slide for the bowling ball, that she should use it for her second time. At least she tried.