Monday, February 7, 2011

Brownie Mix and Arm Wrestling

Every child has fond memories of times spent at Grandma's house. Here are some of the memories that some of my  children will have...

Granny made brownies and guess who got to lick the batter!
I love this picture! If it weren't for this picture, I probably wouldn't even have blogged about licking the brownie batter.
Jeremy's parents help out with a lot of international students that attend ACU. My kids have become quite fond of some of the students that spend more time at Jeremy's parent's house. Eldad is from Jamaica. He and Seven were arm wrestling. It looks like it was a pretty tough match between the two! If Eldad weren't wearing a sweater, you would be able to see how strong he really is!
How many of your kids can say they arm wrestled a Jamaican?

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