Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Uninhibited Dancing

I had forgotten that this took place around Christmas. It is a little out of order as far as the other posts go, but it doesn't really matter in the grand scheme of things. You still get to see how groovy my kids are!

I am not sure where Finn gets his awesome dance moves from. I can tell you, it is definitely not from me! You will agree if you have ever seen me "try" to dance. I am just too white! Check out his funky moves...
Then you have Finn doing his funky moves in the background as Seven is slow dancing. Where in the world he saw or learned this, I do not know. But it's pretty funny to watch.
Seven transitions from slow dancing to doing a beat box, which is even funnier! 
I can't even watch this one without laughing. I'm sure you will, too! Finn is so graceful! Yes, I said it, Finn is so graceful. He is dancing uninhibited.
I love how my sons aren't afraid to dance however they want to dance! They still have the innocence of children, because they are children. How many of us would feel free enough to "be ourselves" and dance how we wanted to? What happens to us as adults that changes us and gives us inhibitions? Oh, to be a child again.

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  1. I especially like the "wife beaters" that your boys are sporting. And you need to sign up Finn for ballet. I can just see him dancing around in the tights!