Tuesday, February 1, 2011

How Did You Not Notice That?

Usually when we get the kids ready for bed, I brush Finn's teeth. One night, I guess I was running to the store or Redbox :) and Jeremy brushed Finn's teeth that night. When I got home, Jeremy asked me to look in Finn's mouth and asked, "How did you not notice that?" Finn had an adult tooth growing in behind his baby tooth. It was almost halfway grown in and was far enough back that it wasn't touching his baby tooth. My response? Finn is so tall that when he stands on the toilet seat for me to brush his teeth, I don't see down into his mouth. My plan? I called the dentist the very next morning to see what times they had available for that day. I suddenly became very stressed trying to figure out what to do with my two younger children I had at home still and the two children that I babysit through lunch while their mom works half a day. AND trying to figure out what the best appointment time would be. To make a long story short and to not bore you with the details of the next stressful hour until I figured it out, I will leave that part out. If you really care to know, let me know and I will share the details. Anyway, I was able to make the 2:00 appointment work that day. Also, being this time, it assured that Finn missed as little of school as possible. This is always something I try to arrange when I make doctor appointments for my two older kids that are in school.

The dentist said I had two choices. Either she could pull his baby tooth there at the dentist's office, or we could keep wiggling it at home and work it out of his mouth. Wow! What a big and tough decision I had to make. Jeremy was at work, so it was all up to me! Well, luckily I was able to get a hold of Jeremy at work and he helped me to make the decision. We decided to let the dentist pull it out. To me it didn't really feel that loose. But I don't know how many times the dentist said that the tooth was really loose. I guess her definition of loose and my definition of loose are different. With Piper, her baby teeth are extremely loose and barely hanging on when we finally pull them out. I was also afraid that Finn wouldn't be able to get it loose enough to get it out fast enough. The dentist said it needed to come out sooner rather than later.

So she hooked Finn up to some numbing gas so he wouldn't really feel it come out.
Finn was such a big boy. He did so good.
Once we got home, I had him show off his new smile.

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