Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Seven Goes to Cool Cuts

I first want to start out by saying that I am really behind in my posting, so this blog happened awhile ago...

Seven's hair was getting really long and I felt that it needed a trim. Jeremy did not want to get it trimmed. I really didn't like Seven's hair in his eyes. Jeremy didn't want Seven to have bangs. One day, I put part of Seven's hair up in pig tails. I asked Seven if he wanted to be a puppy. He happily said yes. So, I made him a "puppy". Jeremy came home and thought it was funny. I told him by me doing this, maybe he would agree to get Seven's hair trimmed. Not the case. Before Seven was a year old, we did give him a haircut like Finn's. Seven just didn't look right with that style of hair. To tell you the truth, he looked like a cancer patient. So, we let his hair grow out. He looks good with the whole "Surfer Dude" look. Jeremy and I were both afraid to cut his hair ourselves. We were afraid we would mess up his beautiful blonde locks by cutting it too short.

Well, the day finally came when Jeremy agreed to get Seven's hair cut. Jeremy made an appointment at Cool Cuts. For those of you who don't know, Cool Cuts is a place for kids to go and get their hair cut. It is really cool. They pick out a movie to watch while their stylist cuts their hair. You can see how long Seven's hair was before we cut it.
I was trying to get a picture of how long his bangs were. He was trying to brush his bangs out of his eyes.
Now you can see how long his bangs were. I know it would've bothered me to have my bangs in my eyes all the time. Jeremy would slick them back for church. I would brush them to the side, but they just didn't stay. If he were a girl, I could put something in his hair to keep them out of his eyes. And he wouldn't keep a hat on.
Seven was sitting in the taxi waiting for the sylist to cut his hair.
Hair is wet and ready to be cut...
Let the cutting begin. At first Seven had picked "The Backyardigans" to watch while he got his hair cut. But then he saw his favorite purple dinosaur...Barney! Yes, my son loves Barney. No, son is addicted to Barney. Of course, I had nothing to do with this introduction. We can "thank" Granny Joyce for introducing Barney to Seven. If it were up to me, he would've never known about Barney :)

Seven looks a little annoyed that the stylist is getting in the way of him watching Barney. The finished product! Jeremy and I both agree that the stylist cut his bangs too short. But now they have grown out some and look alot better. Cheese! And one more of my adorable two year old saying "cheese" with his freshly cut hair.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Rilian is 7 months old!

Another month has quickly passed and Rilian is now 7 months old! I am a little late in posting and wasn't able to post on the actual day, but in case anyone is wondering, it was September 2. He has two teeth on the bottom and he has learned to sit up by himself. I looked in his mouth to see if any more teeth would emerge soon because he has been drooling alot. To say that he has been drooling alot is almost an understatement. It looks like any day now all four of the top front teeth are about to pop through the gums!

Here is Rilian on the dragon blanket again. I had a really hard time keeping him laying on his back to get a good picture this time. He is getting quite mobile, although not crawling yet. Surprisingly he can get around. He rolls and somehow manages to go places.

Here is the Seven and Rilian picture. Seven, once again, wanted his picture taken with Rilian. Surprise! Seven really loves Rilian and just can't seem to get enough of his baby brother. Rilian was looking at the tv. Do you see how high Rilian is off the ground? The other day he was on his hands and knees. Not for very long. I don't know if he fell down or slid down.

Rilian was getting off his tummy again. What an adorable 7 month old!

Look at his new pearly whites!

I could not resist putting in this picture! I was disappointed when I put it on and realized it was a little blurry. It's still a really cute picture.

Rilian loves his Exersaucer

Piper loves holding Rilian. She wanted me to take a picture of them. She is such a good big sister. Rilian has been eating solids for a few months now. We gave him cheerios the other day so he can learn how to self-feed. He wasn't quite sure what to think of it.
Still not sure

Monday, September 7, 2009

Dirty Love

Kids say the darnest things, don't they? I love when my kids try to say something and they get the words mixed up. The other day, Seven put on a sombrero. It was huge on him, but he sure did look cute! Seven called it a "some umbrella."

Well, we were eating lunch one day and since Finn ate a good lunch he was allowed to have a cookie when he finished. He ate a chocolate chip cookie. Last year when Piper was in Pre-School, she learned some sign language. She had learned the sign for "I Love You." Finn learned to sign "I Love You" from watching Piper sign it. He likes to sign "I Love You" to Jeremy and I alot. Finn is a messy eater. While Finn was eating his chocolate chip cookie, he got chocolate on his hand. He decided it was time to sign "I Love You" to Jeremy. Finn realized his had was dirty because he had chocolate on it. He said, "When you're hands are dirty, that's dirty love."

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

2 in 1 Dress

Doesn't every mother wish her children would play nice together and get along all the time? I know mine don't, but they do have their days. Take this picture for example... I heard them laughing one day and that is what I found. Both Piper and Finn were in one dress-up dress together. I thought it was pretty funny and cute so I had to take a picture.