Tuesday, June 30, 2009


This week, my children, Piper and Finn, were attending VBS at Granny Joyce's church. It started Sunday evening and the last night will be Wednesday night. Piper has gone the past two years and Finn is finally old enough to go this year. They have really been enjoying it.

We got in the van and Rilian and Seven were buckled up when Finn says, "I have to go potty!" Jeremy and I know when Finn says he has to go potty, you better get him to a toilet as soon as you can, because he REALLY has to go. Finn waits to tell you that he has to go potty until he can't hold it anymore and is about to go in his pants. Jeremy gets Finn out of the van and Piper is getting out because she says she has to go also. I am watching Piper get out of the van when I hear Jeremy say something to Finn. I look up from the driver seat and see Finn standing in front of the van, with his naked bum facing me! OH MY GOODNESS!!! I bust out laughing! I put my head down on the stearing wheel and tears are coming to my eyes as I am laughing so hard. Finn finishes "his business" and pulls up his pants and gets back in the van. WOW! I was a little embarrassed, but thought it was stinkin' hilarious! Jeremy proceeds to take Piper back inside to use the bathroom. Finn puts on his seatbelt and says, "See mom, I told you I really had to go potty."

When Piper gets back in the van, I hear her tell Finn, "Finn you shouldn't have gone out there where everyone can see you."

I just realized something that makes it even funnier...Finn is the only little boy attending that VBS with a mohawk. If anyone saw him, which I am sure several people saw him, I didn't see since my head was buried in the stearing wheel, they won't forget the little boy who peed in the front yard of the church. Kinda hard to forget him with the distinguishable mohawk!

You should be careful what Grandparents teach your children. While it might be okay to pee in the backyard at Granny's house, it is NOT OKAY TO PEE IN THE CHURCH YARD AFTER VBS WHILE ALL THE OTHER CHILDREN ARE COMING OUT!!!

Friday, June 5, 2009

Rilian is 4 Months Old!

My how time flies! Wow! Rilian is four months old now. Since I had taken his 2 month picture and 3 month picture on his dragon blanket, I thought it would be fun to take his 4 month picture on the same blanket. That way I can see how much he is growing.
I knew he was growing and getting big. At his 4 month check-up he weighed 15 lbs. 1 oz. No wonder he felt so heavy and my arms hurt after holding him for awhile. Without going back and looking, I don't remember how much my other children weighed at 4 months, but I definitely remember that Piper only weighed 17 lbs. at one year of age. Hmmm......
Seven saw me taking pictures of Rilian and of course wanted to get his picture taken with Rilian. Seven loves his baby brother sooo much. In fact, I think he loves him a little too much at times. Look at how tan Seven is becoming already!
A couple of weeks ago, Rilian was enjoying some tummy time. I thought it was a great opportunity to get some good pictures. Look at all the drool coming out of his mouth!
Here is a picture of Rilian with Finn. Finn had just woken up from a nap and was wearing his knight suit. I asked him if he wanted Rilian to sit beside him. Sorry about the mohawk. Jeremy is the one who fixes it. We hadn't gone anywhere that day, so it wasn't fixed yet. It looks better when it is fixed. Rilian's hair sticks up in the back. It is kinda funny. You can slick it down, but as soon as it dries, it stands right back up. I have often wondered how long it will be before it lays down on its own.