Friday, February 25, 2011

100 Bible Stories 100 Bible Songs Book Review

Every night, we read the Bible with our kids before they go to bed. When I saw 100 Bible Stories 100 Bible Songs, I was exited to read it with my kids! This book is great because it comes with two CD's. There is a song for each story. At the time that I got the book, my kids were ages 4 and under. So, it is important to have a Bible that will keep the interest of all of them, no matter what their age.

100 Bible Stories 100 Bible Songs takes the 100 most common stories of the Bible and condenses them down to very short one page stories. This book has great illustrations. They are very colorful and attractive to children. I only have one complaint. After we read the Bible story, we would play the song that went with the story. My kids loved this, but it was hard to find the right song sometimes, even though they were labeled on the CD, they didn't always seem to match up. Perhaps if the stories in the book were numbered, as well as the songs on the CD, it would have been easier to find the right song.

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