Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Happy Birthday to my Little Puxatony Phil!

Rilian turned 2 years old on February 2, 2011, also known as Ground Hog's day! He is my little Puxatony Phil. However, I did not send him outside and see if he saw his shadow. I'll have to remember to do that next year. I'm sure he would have seen his shadow, though. It was sunny AND we had about 4 inches of snow on the ground!

We could not travel very far on his actual birthday, but he and his siblings were getting cabin fever as they were starting day two of their four snow days in a row. Luckily Granny Joyce lives about a mile away, so we headed over to her house for a change of scenery. She just happened to have a cake (guess Grannies are good for that) and we had a little birthday celebration before his BIG celebration on Saturday. 
He got one candle out...
Then the second one...
Piper, Finn, and Seven were just about as excited as Rilian to see what he got!
This Toy Story book was in the bag. If you want to see how much he enjoyed it, you can click here.
Then on Saturday, we had his "real" birthday party. And with the help of our new camera, you can see Jeremy in action making Rilian's cake. 
Rilian loves cats and baby dolls. Obviously, Rilian is a boy, so we decided to go with a cat cake instead of a baby doll cake. I did not find any cat plates, other than Hello Kitty, so I chose the jungle plates. He also likes giraffes. And a lion IS a cat.
The finished product of the wonderful Jeremy Voss! Meow!
The birthday boy with his cat cake. Look how loving Piper looks right now. She is a good big sister...most of the time :)
It must have been a dream come true for it to finally be Rilian's birthday! Every Sunday, we eat lunch at Jeremy's parent's house. They welcome everyone for lunch. There are many college students who regularly attend. Each Sunday, Dale and Joyce celebrate someone's birthday. With that many students there, it is always someone's birthday. Rilian loves to sing "Happy Birthday" right along with the rest of us. So, for us to FINALLY be singing to him, it must have just made his day! You can see it in his face.
The cat's claws and whiskers were made out of licorice. Apparently, Rilian had never had licorice before...I think he liked it!
It was kind of surprising that Rilian didn't really get messy eating his cupcake. This is pretty much the extent of his messiness. If you want to watch him enjoy his cupcake a little more, you can click here.
Video cameras are good, but you gotta have the still shots too. First bite...yum yum!
Licking the icing off the face...gotta keep it clean now, he's two, ya know.
Present time! Like all birthday parties, all the kids are more than ready to help the birthday boy. Crowd around Rilian now!
Nanny and Papa Bud got Rilian some new rain boots with frogs on them.
This present was from Granny and Dadabe. It was a nice big yellow metal dump truck.
Jeremy and I got Rilian a Little People Animal Sounds Farm. We have a Little People school bus and the people that go with it. He really likes to play with the people. So, we thought he would really like the farm. Plus, he likes animals. He's playing with the horse.
All three boys really liked the farm.
Watch them in action...
Rilian decided to line all the farm animals, the farmer, and some of the school bus people up. He was so proud of what he had done!
And now you can feel as if you were there with the rest of us!

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