Thursday, March 24, 2011

Fun at the Doctor's Office

Seems like I have been blogging alot about Piper lately. I guess it's her turn to be in the spotlight. I'm gonna blog and blog about her until you are tired of reading about her. Well, we both know that would pretty much be impossible, because who in their right mind would get tired of reading about Piper? We will get to my other three angels later. I try to keep my posts in order of what happens in our lives, so here is more of Piper...

Piper had an ear infection last month, but a couple weeks after her medication was gone, she continued to complain about her ear hurting. So, I took her back to the doctor. What did she do while we were in the exam room waiting for her doctor to come see her? Watch for yourself and see...
She didn't know that I was recording her at first. She got some pretty good momentum going there in the middle of the video! As you can tell, life is never dull with Piper! Or with any of my other children for that matter. 

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