Friday, March 18, 2011

Fashionista Piper

Oh Piper, what a sense of fashion she has at times! I have had to learn that it is not always a battle worth fighting. I have gone through my pictures and put a few on this post only to show you at the end what a cute job she can do at times, as well.

I am not sure what look she was going for here, but her outfit consists of tights on her head, otherwise known as her long hair, if you ask her. And she has on an undershirt tank top and her brother's blue and red pajama pants.
There are some outfits that she just doesn't get to leave the house in. If she chooses to dress in one of these outfits, I usually tell her, "It is ok for now, but if we go somewhere, you'll have to change." This was one of them. If you can't tell, her skirt had small pink and white dots on it. Under the skirt, she had on tan capri pants.
I call this picture "Goggle Girls". Piper and her cousin, Mabrie, decided to wear goggles.
Piper kept on her purple ballet outfit, with a shirt that she had worn with some pants earlier (that did go together, without the purple ballet outfit). She added some long pink hair to accentuate the "outfit".
Every night before we put the kids to bed, we read the Bible with them. Piper came dressed like this! In case you're wondering, that is her shirt pulled up onto her head.
Before Jeremy and I head off to bed ourselves, we check on the kids. We walked into Piper's room one night and found this on the floor. I am not sure if she was putting this outfit together for herself, or if the Care Bear was supposed to be wearing it.
Last month, I blogged about this "outfit". You can read about it here.
Then there are times when Piper can dress nice and cute. Maybe she doesn't have the same sense of style as you or me, but it isn't a bad's Piper! When I shop for her, my brain has to try to think like her. Here are a pair of shoes I found that I knew she would love. And I was right...she does love them!
A week or so ago, Old Navy was having a sale on their flip flops. They were 2 for $5. Piper has the same love for flip flops that I do, so I took her shopping for some. I let her pick out 2 pairs. There were alot of different kinds. After looking at all of them and thinking about it, she picked out this pair.
And this pair. They are cute. 
And of course, Old Navy HAD to put their swimsuits right next to their flip flops. Of course, Piper saw them. She found one she liked, so we had to try it on. Of course, it fit her. I made her really happy when I told her that I would go ahead and buy it. 
After having this short shopping trip with Piper, I am excited to go shopping with her in the future. It will be fun and interesting to see what kind of clothes she likes as she is growing up and gets to decide on her wardrobe. She will be seven years old soon. That is still young, but getting oh so close to being not so young. My little girl is growing up!

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