Friday, March 11, 2011

No Shame!

One day upon arriving home from the gym and making sure all four of my kids got out of the van, I hear Piper fuss, "SEVEN!" I was still trying to get Rilian out of the van when I looked to see what she was fussing at Seven for. You WILL NOT BELIEVE what was going on...Well, maybe you will. I'm sure some of you have boys and have had a similar experience. After all, boys will be boys! Seven was standing in the front yard, with his pants down, taking a leak. That's right...Seven was peeing in the front yard. Guess what else I happened to realize? A car was driving by at the same time! At least, if they looked, they just saw his naked bum. Luckily, he was facing the house, but standing in the middle of the front yard! If any of you follow me on Twitter or are friends with me on Facebook, you probably saw my tweet or status update...
"I apologize to the red camry driving by our house when we got home.
 Apparently @ couldn't wait til we got inside to go pee!"

I don't want to duplicate myself, but I know some of you who read my blog aren't on Twitter and/or Facebook for some reason or another, and I wanted to share this funny story with my blog readers, too. Plus, I can go into more detail on my blog than on Twitter or Facebook. We had a similar incident with Finn when he was younger. You can read about it here.

When I started out with the thought of this post, I was only going to include the above story, but I was looking though my pictures and videos and found some more that would be fitting. So, here we go...

For Piper's 4th Birthday, she got a bike. Here is a picture. And that is Seven "eyeing" her bike. He was 13 months old in this picture. It is a very nice purple Disney Princess bike. 
Fast forward two Seven is 3 years old and about the right size for a bike. What bike do we own that is the right size? You guessed it...the above purple Disney Princess bike. Seven has no shame! It is just a bike to him. Who cares what color it is? Piper and Finn have their bikes, which are a little bigger than the purple Disney Princess bike, and Seven wanted a bike to ride, too, so he chose to ride the purple Disney Princess bike. The first few times that I took them for bike rides, Finn on his Cars bike, Piper on her pink Barbie bike, and Seven on "his" purple Disney Princess bike, I have to admit I felt a little weird. Did Seven? Absolutely not! He was so proud that he had a bike to ride. He even called it "his" bike. He took several bike rides on this purple Disney Princess bike. I don't know why I didn't think of it sooner, but I realized that Granny had a "boy" bike at her house, just the right size for Seven. It doesn't get as much riding as the purple Disney Princess bike got. It really just sits there alot of the time. Unless the kids are at Granny's, it doesn't get ridden. So, the other day, I had the bright idea that we would go to Granny's house and do a little bike exchange. Seven was pretty excited. Granny lives about a mile away. So, he got on the purple Disney Princess bike and I pushed Rilian in the stroller and we headed to Granny's house. When we did the exchange, Seven was happy. He said, "Now I get to ride a boy bike." He knew the other one was a girl bike, but it didn't bother him. Here he is on the way home. I didn't realize that the sun was right behind me when I took the picture, so he had to squint.
As I was mentally writing this post, I was trying to think about what recent pictures I have of Seven so I could put one on this post. Well, as you can see, I have found some. Anyway, I came across this video, that Jeremy recorded, and thought it was quite funny. I was unaware that it existed. But I felt it was very fitting for the "no shame" post. 
It's even funnier that Rilian is doing what Seven is doing. He likes to mock and do what his brothers and sister do. I think Seven was practicing for his role in the next Grudge movie.

Last night, I told Seven to put his underwear on after his bath, so I could put lotion on him. This is what I got...
What a funny shameless kid!

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