Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Ready for the Zoo

I have learned to pick my battles, especially when it comes to my kids getting dressed. This was something I had to learn to let go of a few years ago with Piper. There are still the times when I will put my foot down and tell her that she cannot wear whatever she is choosing to wear at the time, but it comes more and more seldom now. 

I think the hard part for me is that I don't want someone to think that I am the one who dressed my child like that, when in fact, it was my child that dressed themselves like that. At least half of my children are old enough now, though, that I think others will lean more towards the thought that it was the child that dressed him or herself and not me. 

There was one morning while taking Piper and Finn to school, that I decided what Seven was choosing to wear was not worth the battle. And life went on.

The other day, we were going to take advantage of the warmer weather AND it being Spring Break, I decided to take my children to the zoo. We hadn't been in awhile. So, what better time to go then now? 

As we were getting ready for the zoo, Seven found his Safari hat and decided it would complete his outfit for the zoo. Sorry if it is kind of hard to hear.
Being the cool mom that I am, I just went with it.  I figured what was the harm in letting my 3 year old wear his Safari hat to the zoo? Could you think of a better place? Well, I guess an actual Safari Adventure would be a better place, but we don't have any of those in Abilene, that I am aware of. What harm was it causing, if Seven wore his Safari hat to the zoo? None. In fact, it probably made his day, because he was really excited about it. Did people stare at him at the zoo? I don't know. Did I care? No. He was so cute and excited that he was wearing his Safari hat. Why should I deprive him of this excitement?

The next time you are about to leave the house and your kid is dressed in a way that doesn't match, or they are wearing an outfit that isn't your favorite. Ask yourself...does it really matter? Let your child feel proud today that they dressed themselves!

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