Monday, March 7, 2011

Valentine's Day

For Valentine's Day, the school that Piper and Finn go to, gave parents the opportunity to make a Valentine's Day cookie for their kids. So, that morning after my children were safely in class, I went and made them each a Valentine's Day cookie. Jeremy had already left for work, so it was all up to me and my creativity.

There was alot of things the parents could use to decorate their child's cookies with. There were different kinds of candy hearts, pink, white, and red M&M's, different kinds of icing, different kinds of sprinkles, different kinds of gummy worms, and probably some other stuff that I just can't remember right now. 

I chose to decorate Piper's cookie first. Piper is a girl and a girly girl at that. So, I tried to make her cookie "girly". I put bright pink icing on it and picked out specific conversation hearts and a sweet tart heart because of what they said. Then I put light pink and dark pink M&M's on her cookie. That girl LOVES chocolate!
For Finn, I tried everything to not make his cookie look girly, because he is a boy. I chose light pink icing, because it was less girly in my mind. After I had put it on his cookie, I saw that there was white icing, which would have been a better choice. But he really didn't care. I put gummy worms on his cookie. To me, worms was the least girly thing I could use. Boys like bugs and worms and stuff like that. Then I chose some red and white M&M's for his pink. I did put a purple conversation heart on his cookie, but look what it says...that's why I chose it.
After decorating the cookies, it was time to make a card, wrap the cookies, and deliver them to Piper and Finn's classes. Here is Piper's all ready to be delivered. I did the same thing with her card, as I did with her cookie. Pink writing, girly stickers, and a red pencil with hearts on it.
For Finn's, I wrote in red marker and tried to find more boyish stickers. Then I got him a black pencil. If you've ever tried to do or decorate boyish things on Valentine's Day, you understand how hard it can be.
Piper and Finn were so excited and proud of their cookies!

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