Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Seven talked too much!

For those of you who know Seven, you know that he can talk ALOT! I think he gets that from his dad ;)

One evening, we were at Jeremy's parents house and Seven came into the room looking like this...
He muttered, "Piper did it!" I really tried not to laugh as I called Piper into the room. Wouldn't you have a hard time keeping a straight face, looking at this and hearing, "Piper did it!" through the tape?
When Piper arrived, I asked her why she did it. Her response? "He was talking too much!"

Yes, Piper, our six-year-old daughter, taped her three-year-old brother's mouth shut...She did a "good" job, too. She didn't just put a little bit of tape on his mouth so he couldn't talk. She had wrapped the tape around his mouth and head several times. It was difficult to remove the tape, especially the tape that was in his hair. Sadly, there were tears. I am not sure what gave Piper this idea. I, as an older sister, can say that I had my days where I "tortured" my younger brother. But I am pretty sure I never taped his mouth closed.

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