Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Pinewood Derby

Finn joined Cub Scouts this year. If you don't know anything about Cub Scouts, they have a race called a Pinewood Derby. Each boy makes a car to race. He is responsible for actually designing the shape of the car and painting it. Then his car races with other Cub Scouts' cars to be the fastest!

Here is the metal track they raced on.
The finish line... 
Rilian is GREAT at pouting when he gets in trouble or doesn't get to do what he wants to. That boy should be an actor. I don't remember what happened, but here is his classic pouting pose...
Time for the races to begin! Finn's car is in the second lane. It is the black one with the Thunderbird on the hood. That is how he wanted to design his car.
Now all the cars that are going to race in this race are lined up and ready to go. There are several races. Each car races in each lane. This is to make it fair in case, for some odd reason, one of the lanes is faster than the other.
And they're off! Racing down the track!
Here is a video clip of this race...you can watch them in action cross the finish line.
The stats from Finn's very first race...On the very far right hand column is how fast the cars would have been driving if they were life size and on a real race track. Pretty fast, huh?
And they're off...again!
Stats from the race you just watched...Finn's car was a little faster this time.
A still shot of the race you just watched...Finn's car is right up there with the fastest ones!
Stats from Finn's pack...In his age group, there were five total cars...at least he didn't lose. His car's average speed was 197.2. 
You can't tell by this picture, but he was pretty upset that he didn't win. These are the members of his pack that participated in the race.
Rilian and Piper wanted to pose with Finn with his ribbon from the race. I'm not sure why Rilian didn't look too happy. Seven didn't want to be in the picture because he was ready to leave.
There's a happier picture of Rilian!
In the different age groups that participated in the race that day, there were 15 total Boy Scouts. These are the stats for overall. Finn placed 8 out of 15, with his speed at 199.6. Not bad for his very first Pinewood Derby! 
Finn showing off his car. It still had the #30 yellow sticker on it from the race.
And another shot of our proud Cub Scout and his car.

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