Saturday, March 31, 2012

Piper Got Glasses

I remember, as a kid, wishing I could wear glasses. I guess I saw other kids, or perhaps adults, wearing them and thought it would be fun to wear them as well. Then in third grade, I actually had to go to the eye doctor and get glasses, for real. I only had to wear them when I needed to read things far away, such as the chalkboard. I was a shy kid. In fourth grade, I was actually embarrassed of my glasses and did not wear them at all in class. I found a way, by using my fingers, to slant my eyelids enough that I could read the chalkboard or overhead projector enough that I didn't have to wear my glasses to read it. (Yeah, go ahead and laugh at me, but that was a pretty smart way to get around wearing my glasses and it worked!) However, this backfired on fifth grade, the eye doctor told me that I was legally blind and told me I had to wear my glasses all the time, not just when I wanted to see things far away. I was forced to get over the embarrassment of wearing my glasses. I got used to them, but realized they weren't as cool as I dreamed they were. Glasses were a pain..and when it rained, they were even more of a pain. I tried getting contacts, but couldn't get over the weirdness of touching my eye. So, I had to continue to wear glasses. Then my senior year of high school, I got over that and got brave enough to touch my eye and to this day still wear contacts.

All that to say, I can understand why Piper wanted to have fake glasses. She kept saying she wanted fake glasses. So, we eventually went to Claire's and let her pick out a pair of glasses. They were all kind of big on her. For one, she is small for her age. Two, they are probably made for teenagers and she is a second grader. After trying on several pairs of glasses, Piper finally settled on this pair...
Piper was cracking me up with her new glasses! We paid for them and left the store, with Piper wearing them. Claire's is in the mall. Piper walked around the whole mall wearing her new glasses. The next day was Sunday and she wore them to church. She decided she wanted to take the daisy off for a little while, so I took her picture, again. I guess she felt like making a face this time.
Piper even wore them to school on Monday. I was proud of her for wearing them. I didn't think she would actually wear them for all of church and for a whole day at school. She tends lean towards the shy side and doesn't like attention drawn to her. But she definitely surprised me this time!

Some parents would not have bought their seven-year-old fake glasses. Some would have bought them for her, but not let her wear them to church nor school. My thoughts? What harm is it causing? Absolutely none. I laugh because she is going to look back when she gets older and say, "Mom! Why did you let me wear those glasses?" I will say, because you wanted to and you loved them!

What would you have done?

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