Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Rilian's 3rd Birthday

Every year on Rilian's Birthday, it's a holiday! Not everyone is lucky enough to have their birthday as a holiday. February 2nd is Rilian's birthday. It is also Groundhog's Day. So, my little groundhog came out of his hole to see if he was able to see his shadow. He did see his shadow and he was not happy about it. Rilian didn't want six more weeks of winter...
We had his party the following took a few days to get over the disappointment of seeing his shadow. Every time we asked Rilian what kind of birthday cake he wanted, he never gave us a definite answer. All of our other kids have been easy, but this was not his year. Maybe if he hadn't have seen his shadow, he would have been able to decide on his cake a little more easily. We finally decided on star cookies and chocolate cupcakes. Jeremy decided to give the stars faces. He used candy eyes for their eyes. Rilian was holding one of the candy eyes up to his eye as Jeremy decorated the star cookies.
Finn looked HILARIOUS when he held the candy eyes up to his eyes!
Jeremy not only gave the stars smiles, but he also gave them other expressions. What's funny about this, is that after he had the stars set up on the cupcakes, the frowny face fell and hit the squiggly face right before it hit the table. You can see a little bit of the squiggly face's red icing on the yellow frowny face's icing. Then you see their expressions and it is perfect!
There was also a yellow star with its mouth open. And a red star with its tongue hanging out.
Once we got the stars situated again, it was time to set the candle on top and sing to the birthday boy!
Rilian picked the star with the sad face to eat.
He ate the icing off his cupcake and the eyes off his star first...
Time for presents!
And playing with the presents...
Nanny and Papa Bud got Rilian a puppy coloring book and some crayons.
Granny and Dadabe got Rilian an alphabet puzzle that says the letters when you put the right piece in. It also says something that starts with that letter. 
And there were MORE presents outside!
The sandbox has been without sand for quite some time. Since Rilian loves to dig so much, I thought sand was an excellent idea for a present.

Sand is so much more fun when you have sand toys. After Rilian unwrapped the shovels, rake, and strainer, he had to carefully place them in the sand.
He tested out the digger tractor before opening the last present.
Say "cheese!" That truck was what the other present was.
My baby boy is now three years old! Stay tuned to see if he sees his shadow next February 2nd!

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