Friday, March 9, 2012

Playing in the Tires

It was time to get the oil changed in our vehicle. I had a little shopping to do while I waited for them to change the oil. When I was done shopping, they weren't quite done changing the oil. Well, Rilian was with me, and he found something to keep himself entertained while we waited...

There were lots of tires by the register. Rilian decided he wanted to play in them and also wanted me to take his picture while he picked tires to pose in.

There was just one laying there...
Then he found a small stack of two tires and climbed in...
Rilian decided to drape himself across the stack of two tires. 
He didn't want the one lonely tire to feel left out, so he went and did the same thing with it. 
He found a really tall stack of tires and wanted to climb in them, but I wouldn't let him. I was afraid he would knock them he wanted me to take his picture showing how tall the stack was.
Then he decided to stand beside them and have me take his picture.
What would we have done before our phones had cameras on them?

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