Monday, December 19, 2011

Being Thankful for Your Spouse

With Thanksgiving just past us and Christmas nearing VERY soon, I thought it fitting to talk about being thankful for your husband. I am thankful for the 12 years I have been married to Jeremy.
It is so easy to complain about your husband to other people. "My husband does this..." "My husband never helps with this..." And so on. I am not going to give you examples of what I don't like about my husband, or the things he doesn't do or anything like that. For one, that would be demeaning to him. And two, I said I was going to talk about being thankful.

Some things that I am thankful for are:
When Piper, my first child, and Finn, my second child were born, I didn't change a diaper for at least the first week! How many husbands are willing to jump in and take charge like that? I had c-sections and Jeremy knew I was in alot of pain, so he was just trying to help out...What a good husband! Although, I do have to add that Jeremy should have given me a little warning before I changed Finn's diaper for the first time...that kid was born without a bum! It looked so odd to me. I mean, he literally had no cheeks! There was just a hole. I was very surprised and said something to Jeremy afterwards about him giving me some sort of a warning. Finn did eventually grow some cheeks. There's still not much to him. He eats like a horse, but is really skinny. I would love to have his metabolism. I say he is a skeleton with skin.

Another thankful thing: When Rilian was born, I did not put gas in our car until he was 8 weeks old. Jeremy just always took care of it. 

And: Jeremy loves to cook. So, he makes our kid's birthday cakes and LOVES to do it! I have never had a desire to cook. I only cook out of necessity. And if I have to follow a recipe with lots of ingredients or instructions, that is just too much effort and I will find something else to make. In fact, when I was younger, I said I would marry someone who can cook, well, that is exactly what I did! 

One more example: Thursday night when I got home from running, Jeremy had just cleaned up Finn's puke. Finn tried to throw up in the trash can in the bathroom, but missed. Then he tried to throw up in the toilet, but the lid was down and he didn't realize it, so when he threw up, it made a big mess in the bathroom. Jeremy said, "Finn then looked at him and said, 'It's throw up.'" Poor kid was out of it. I am very thankful that Jeremy cleaned up the nasty mess! I'm pretty sure there are some husbands who would have left if for their wife to clean up when she got home. 

Now before you go and think my husband is better than yours, he does have his flaws, as does everybody. A friend of mine, Tonya, shared a story with me the other day...She said she used to work with a girl whose husband was always sending her flowers and he seemed so nice and caring. Tonya said she later found out that the reason he was doing all that was because he was having an affair. So, things are not always what they seem. You may think someone else's husband seems better than yours for whatever reason. But there are things that you do not see or know. I am not saying that every case is the same. I am just saying be thankful for what kind of a husband you have. Someone always has it worse than you. 

The next time you think about complaining about your husband to your friends, stop yourself and remind yourself of what he does that you are thankful for. Today when your husband comes home from work, tell him something you are thankful for about him. You never know what good may come of it...later :)

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