Saturday, December 17, 2011


I always look forward to Thanksgiving because that means my family and my brother's family get together. Our kids LOVE each other! It is always fun to see them play together. 

We had Thanksgiving at my mom's house. The kids love playing on the trampoline and love when Papa Bud jumps with them. He didn't happen to be jumping with them in these pictures. I think he was inside helping Nanny with the turkey.
I think it's cool to capture them mid-jump, in the air.
When they were done jumping on the trampoline, they moved over to the swing-set. It's a good thing Nanny has a big enough swing set for her 7 grandchildren!
Piper, Mabrie, and Allie all swung together.
Finn and Seven did their own swinging.
Then Rilian decided to join the girls.
Kaden had his own swing, inside, where it was warm.
Granny Joyce made these cute turkeys for the kids to enjoy.
Allie, Mabrie, and Piper were waiting for their turn to swing ;)
I bet not too many grandparents have a "white swing". That is what my kids call the hammock. It is just one big white swing to relaxing going on there...ALL play! Finn is trying to climb in and Seven and Rilian are trying to climb out.
The white swing often poses a challenge to get on AND stay on!
We were able to capture a good picture of all 7 cousins. My four kids and my brother's three kids. My brother and I blessed our parents with 6 grandchildren in 4 years. This past July, my sister-in-law had Kaden and brought the total grandchildren to 7!
I thought this was such a cute picture of Jeremy tickling Rilian. 
But Jeremy wasn't just tickling Rilian. Rilian and Jeremy like to play a game called "Whose boy are you?" Jeremy asks Rilian, "Whose boy are you?" Rilian will answer, "I'm Mama's boy." Then Jeremy tickles him. Jeremy asks again, "Whose boy are you?" Rilian will get tickled until he finally answers, "I'm Daddy's boy." It's cute and so are his giggles!

Rilian, Finn, Mabrie, and Allie were enjoying the turkeys that Granny Joyce made.
Seven decided to be a loner and eat his turkey on the slide...all by himself.
The inevitable time came when we had to say goodbye to my brother's family, so they could travel back home. My dad came into town to have Thanksgiving dinner with us and we all went over to Granny Joyce's for dinner. 

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