Monday, November 12, 2012

Entertainment Provided by Seven

One day we were at Granny's house and Seven was playing with tissue paper. He was quite the entertainer that day with a huge imagination!

Here is my Super Hero in a Super Hero pose. He said the blue and purple sticks on the front of his cape were his super powers.
 Then he made an umbrella and was sitting under it.
 A tiger growling...
Back to the Super Hero. Seven wanted me to video him jumping off the couch and chair.
Super Hero holding his umbrella and singing in the rain...
After the first two videos, Seven wanted me to video him as a tiger growling. He has a pretty impressive growl!
I guess after all that Super Hero stuff and being a growling tiger, Seven got hungry because he made a hamburger to eat.
Of course, the "video bug" was still with Seven and he wanted me to record him eating his burger. 
Must have been a really good burger! Then he added ranch to his burger...
Seven drew black spots on a white piece of tissue paper and became a cow...Moo!
Seven then became a sheep...Baaaa!
I hope you have enjoyed Seven's entertainment as much as he enjoyed doing it! I love his imagination! I can't wait to see what he does with his life as he grows older.

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