Saturday, November 19, 2011

Trick or Treat!

This year for Halloween, we had Bumblebee (the yellow transformer), a pretty ballerina, an adorable cow, and Optimus Prime (the blue transformer).
I'm not exactly sure what Piper was doing here, but I had to include the picture because I thought it was kinda funny.
Then we have the silly pose picture...Rilian was trying to do what Piper was doing.
Seven and Finn wanted a fighting picture. Although, I think both Bumblebee and Optimus Prime are good transformers and friends.
Another silly picture...and Rilian trying to do what his big brothers were doing with their hands.
Pretty ballerina doing a pirouette.
Optimus Prime ready to take on the world!
Finn wanted a picture taken by himself, too.
Rilian was too cute! And when we went on our annual Halloween hayride, the hay sticking to his costume only enhanced it!
Now the sillies come back...Once again, I do not know what Piper was doing. I guess Miss Ballerina, turned hip hop.
Care Bear Stare! Oh, wait...wrong character. I'm not up to date on my Transformer schooling, but I guess that circle on Bumblebee does something.
Seven's mask turned into a shield.
Nanny came for a visit. My mom's costume was pretty funny, and if you know her, it is very fitting. She tends to get hurt somehow.

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