Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Little Witches

I thought I had finished my "Halloween" posts, but looking back to see what the next blog post should be, I found these pictures... 

The kids were at Granny's house one day, in October, and she had gotten them each a witch hat. Here is Seven with his hat, and of course, a witch wouldn't be complete without a broom.
Piper and Finn look like they were mixing up their witch's brew. 
And we can't forget about little Rilian...He also had a broom and a hat, just like his brothers and sister.
I have a story that I must include in this post. It kinda goes with the theme...

Piper had come home from school one day with some Halloween jokes. She was reading them aloud. She said, "What do you call a witch that lives on the beach?" Seven exclaims, "Bitch!" Wow! I am not sure exactly where he heard that word. I do not use that word. I must admit though that we don't sensor the movies they watch sometimes. Sometimes you don't really realize how bad a movie is until let your children watch it. I told him that wasn't a nice word. Plus, Seven is a sponge. He only had to have heard it one time and it was logged in his little sponge of a brain. If you don't know the real answer to the joke, it is "A Sandwich."

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