Saturday, June 22, 2013

Feeding the Ducks (and geese)

The kids always enjoy feeding the ducks. It takes awhile to build up enough "duck bread" to have enough to feed them. I usually save the end pieces of our loaves of bread for the ducks.

 I love Seven's expression as he just threw in some bread for the ducks!
We also have tortillas to feed the ducks sometimes. I often have to remind the kids to tear them up because they enjoy throwing the tortilla in whole. I guess it's alot of fun to watch it fly like a frisbee.
Some of the was in the evening when we went. I think they might have already been fed alot that day because they weren't that hungry.
Can you tell my kids like getting as close to the water as they possibly can?

We had alot of bread to get rid of. Since the ducks weren't really hungry, we walked over to where the geese typically hang out and fed them.

 Finn with his hands in his pockets...just chillin'.
 Seven about to throw a piece of bread...
 Mother Goose and her baby...

It was hard to get a picture of the kid's faces while they were feeding the ducks. When we were done, I had them sit so I could get a picture. They weren't the most cooperative, but as a parent, you take what you can get sometimes.

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