Sunday, June 23, 2013

Fridays at Granny's

On my blog timeline, the kids are still in school...

Granny doesn't work on Fridays, so Rilian usually spends the day with her (while my other 3 kids are at school) so I can run errands and clean my house. Rilian and Granny really enjoy this time together. Rilian had fun drawing on the patio with sidewalk chalk. It was a little cooler than the average Texas May day that day, so he was dressed a little warmer.
Rilian said these two people were friends and they were holding hands.
Then he drew a third person...I guess that person was a little too far away so the second person's finger got drawn longer so they could hold hands as well. Not bad for a four-year-old, huh?
Granny has a treadmill that isn't electric. You just get on it and walk. Your feet are what power it. Sounds alot easier than it is! Rilian put his people on it and they would go all the way to the top, or bottom, and fall off. He spent hours doing this!

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