Saturday, October 16, 2010

Sticker Earring

One day Rilian came from the playroom dressed like this...
Yes, he actually did that to himself without any help! I am not sure what made him think to put the sticker on his ear as an earring, but he did it. I am the only one in our house with pierced ears, so he wasn't copying Jeremy. 

Rilian is a VERY observant little boy! I guess he noticed that I wear earrings and decided to make his own "earring". At this age, and even for a few years, little boys or even little girls do not understand that there are certain things that a male typically does and there are certain things that a female typically does. But to Rilian, he was just being observant that Mommy wears earrings. And he was so proud to come and show me what he had done! 

When we sit down for dinner, we usually go around the table and find out what each person's favorite thing about the day was. Piper, Finn, and Seven get a kick out of asking Rilian because if you ask him what his favorite thing about today was, he will say, "Ummm". Talk about being observant! I didn't realize it, but when we ask Piper, Finn, or Seven what there favorite thing about their day was, they all start off with saying, "Ummm", while they quickly think about their day and give their answer. Wow! I was almost shocked at how observant Rilian was. He noticed it before I even realized that they all say that!

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