Thursday, March 21, 2013


My kids were at Granny's one afternoon and they wanted to watch a scary movie...So Granny let them watch "Signs". They really got scared in the movie and needed the aluminum foil hats so the aliens couldn't read their brains!
Seven thought Jeremy needed a hat, too.
My kids watched "Signs" several times in two days. They were scared, but wanted to watch it over and over. They were scared for a few days. We live right behind Granny, right across an alley. When it was dark, my kids were terrified to cross the dark alley! This was a month or so ago. I think Seven is finally getting over his being afraid. At night, when he wakes up in the middle of the night, we can hear him running on the tile  down the hallway as fast as he can to our bed! It really is quite humorous! We hear him slam his door open and run as fast as his little 5 year old legs can carry him. 

As for Granny? She feels bad that they got that scared, but the kids DID ask to watch a scary movie! I think she has learned not to listen to them when they ask to do things like that anymore.

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