Sunday, January 19, 2014

Wine Festival

The farm that Jeremy will soon be managing had a fundraiser a couple of months back. Remember, I am behind in my posting. There were several different wines to taste and a few food vendors to eat at. There was also live music. It was a very pleasant day. When we arrived, we were given these wine glasses for our wine tasting, sans the wine. 
There were brochures telling about Grapevine Farms and what it's purpose and goal are. 

The brochure also had a list of some of the crops that will be grown. As of today, we have a couple thousand onions planted!
I love watching my kids when they don't know I am watching them! I caught three of them just chillaxin' on bales of hay.
Then they noticed I was taking their picture and "attitude" arrived...and a stick in Seven's hand became a sword.
Rilian was off somewhere exploring the farm...or he was playing with the chickens or goats.
Pretty Piper with hay in her mouth...
Finn pulling hay out of the bale...
I looked back at Piper and she was now eating the hay...
I did not taste all of the wines, but I tasted over half. Jeremy and I brought this one home as a souvenir because it was our favorite of the ones we tasted. It was different because it was made with apples. It was really good!

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