Thursday, August 13, 2009

My Shots are Gone

One of the many joys of getting children ready for school is getting shots. Yesterday, Finn had to get some immunizations so he can be registered for pre-school. I told him we were going to get some immunizations. I didn't want to tell him he was going to get shots, because I didn't think he would like that. So I called them immunizations. He didn't know what that was, but he didn't ask. Finn got three, one on each leg and one in his arm. One bandaid on each.

Then it was Rilian's turn to get his six month shots. Since Finn knew how hard it hurt, being the sensitive and caring brother that he is, he told the nurse, "No, not Rilian." He didn't want Rilian to get the painful shots. So sweet!

Last night when Finn went to bed, he still had his bandaids on. Finn had decided he was going to sleep in just his underwear. When he came to give me hugs and kisses before he climbed into bed, I saw the three bandaids on him. I wondered to myself, "Why does he have all those bandaids on?" Before I asked him, I remembered...shots!

This morning, Finn woke up and his bandaids were not on. He said, "My shots are gone!" How did his bandaids come off? Piper said she took them off in the middle of the night when Jeremy and I were on the couch watching tv before going to bed. What a little sneak! She said she put them on the bathroom mirror. Sure enough, there is one bandaid on each of the corners. Well, only three corners of the mirror since he only had three.

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