Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Oklahoma City Zoo

A few weeks ago, we were at Camp Cornerstone. It is a junior high camp on the campus of Oklahoma Christian University. We took some of the junior high kids from our church and Jeremy taught a class. We also took a nanny to help with the kids during the week, Madison Kruse. She is one of the high schoolers in our youth group. Madison did a GREAT job! Thanks Madison! Every night after curfew, the youth ministers have a meeting. I like to be able to go to these meetings, so Madison stayed in the room with the kids and I was able to go to the meetings. Then after the meetings, they all go out to IHOP. Another reason why it was nice to have a nanny.

My friend, Lauren, just happened to be in Edmond, Oklahoma the same week that we were at camp. This was pretty cool. Maybe not for Lauren since her parents were moving there, making them live 6 hours away from her now. Well, conveniently, a church in Edmond happened to be having VBS that week. My two oldest children and Lauren's oldest daughter got to attend VBS together. Piper was a little disappointed because Lindsey was not in her class. Piper is five and Lindsey won't be five until October, which put Piper and Lindsey in two different classes. At least Finn and Lindsey got to be in the same class.

Lauren and I had talked about the week and I had mentioned going to the Oklahoma City Zoo. She looked it up online and found out that on Wednesdays during the summer, it only costs 75 cents to get in to the zoo AND their hot dogs and small cokes were also 75 cents. We decided this would be the day we would go. It sounded like a good idea at the time. It was a good idea other than it being at least 100 degrees, which made it VERY HOT! I was sweating so bad. I'm pretty sure everyone else was too. I took 4 bottles of water for me and my three older children. We finished off 3 of them. We ended up leaving the zoo right after lunch because it was just too hot.

Here is a picture of the "Three Amigos" walking in to the zoo. I thought it was a cute picture.
Then there is Rilian in his almost standard shot anytime we go the stroller. He was happy. I think towards the end, he was getting too hot just like the rest of us.
There were also a few playgrounds for the kids to play in. We did not let them play in any of the playgrounds. I guess the people who made the zoo thought the children visiting needed something else to do? Don't you usually go to the zoo to see the animals? They also had paddle boats to ride, which were not operable due to maintenance. We did let them ride the merry-go-round. Here is Seven on an ostrich.
Then you have Lindsey, Piper, and Finn on the pandas. It is a good thing there were three pandas all in a row! Piper is giving the sign for "I love you."
There were a few statues of animals placed around the zoo. None of my children would stay by the elephant for me to take their picture, so our nanny Madison did. She was a great sport. Well, Rilian might have stayed by the elephant, but I didn't ask him since he cannot stand up yet.
I am not sure why there was a sign with dinosaurs on it in the zoo. I am pretty sure they did not have any dinosaurs in the zoo, but I cannot fully attest to that since we did not see all the animal exhibits as we got too hot. But there was this cool sign where the kids could put their heads through. I am not sure if Piper's expression was intentional or not. But it is pretty funny!
Then Finn and Seven put their heads through the holes.

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