Sunday, July 26, 2009

4th of July

This year on the Fourth of July, we went with our friends, Robert and Lauren, to the Moody's house. This is our second year to go with them there. Each year the Moody's send out invitations to their friends to come to their house for the Fourth of July. They allow their friends to invite friends. So, Robert and Lauren invite us. It is all free. They feed us a wonderful dinner of brisket, beans, and lots of other yummy stuff. Then when it gets dark, they shoot off fire works. This is not just a back yard fire works show. It is as good as the city's fire works show, if not better. It lasts for an hour. And it is right there! Everyone has front row seating. Other than being incredibly loud, it is very enjoyable. This year they announced that they had 180 people RSVP.

The Moody's have quite the set up. They have a volleyball court and a miniature golf course. They also have a blow up jumping house for the children to play in.

This year, Rilian and Reagan spent most of the time in their strollers. It was nice because they were containable this year. Next year, that will not be the case. Barbara will have to find a way to be there next year to help Lauren and I wrangle our children. She was there last year and was a GREAT help! We missed her this year. She had to go and get married AND move to Boston. What was she thinking?

Piper had decided it was a good idea to take all the golf balls and put them all in the same hole. It is a good thing no one else wanted to play a round of miniature golf!

Finn, Lindsey, and Seven were playing in the sand on the volleyball court. They had gotten cups somewhere and were putting sand in them.

I am sorry to say that these are the only pictures I have of our Fourth of July. We did have Finn's Birthday Party on the fourth, so I guess I could count those pictures. As we were finishing up dinner, the wind started blowing REALLY strong. A storm was supposedly nearby, but was not going to hit us. We had to hang on to our plates of food so they wouldn't blow away and cause our food to fall on the ground! Mr. Moody made an announcement that he was sorry he had to call off the fireworks because of the wind and storm. I was really disappointed. What is the Fourth of July without fireworks? Turns out the city also called of their firework show due to the wind. I guess I would rather be safe than have the fireworks cause a fire. So, we packed up our chairs and invited our friends over for ice cream. And I have to thank Keenan and Clarissa for buying the ice cream! Thanks!

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