Sunday, July 5, 2009

Mays Farm

A few weeks ago we went to Mays Farm for a MOPS playdate. Mays Farm is about 15 minutes from our house. There are many different farm animals the children can pet and feed. There is even a beefalo. Anyone ever seen a beefalo or even know what one is? It is part cow and part buffalo. And it looks just like that. Looking at it, you can tell it is a cow and a buffalo. May will even load the children on a trailer and take them for a fast, fun filled "hay" ride. She calls it a hay ride, but there isn't actually any hay.

Rilian did not touch the animals or feed them, but he was there.
Here is a picture of Finn feeding a goat. Finn enjoyed feeding all the animals.
Piper feed the animals too. She was a little reluctant at first.
Finn wanted to pet the horse so Daddy picked him up so he could reach the horse's face.
Seven cracked me up! Look at him in the stroller. Do you notice how his feet are all tucked up under him and not on the foot rest like they should be? He was really unsure of all the animals and did not want them to touch him. He did not want to touch them or feed them. He was pointing to one, but did not want to get close.

There were some animals the children could hold. Each time we have gone to Mays Farm, Piper wanted to hold a bunny. So, here she is holding a bunny.
Seven wanted to hold a guinea pig. Once the guinea pig was on his lap, he didn't want to touch it. Do you see his hands on the arm rests of the chair? Funny boy!
Finn is holding a baby chicken. Each time he has come to Mays Farm, he has wanted to hold the peeps.
Here is a big pig that the children could feed. Neither of my children fed her. They were more interested in feeding the goats. I saw this beautiful turkey at Mays Farm. Can anyone say Thanksgiving dinner?
Piper found a tire horse swing to swing on. I was very thankful she decided to smile for me so I could take a picture. That is not always the case.
Seven wanted a turn on the tire horse swing also.
By the end of our time there, Seven had warmed up a little to the animals. There was a baby sheep wandering around and Seven decided it was okay to touch it. He put his hand on its back and just walked where ever it walked, with his hand on its back.

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