Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Lunch with Piper

One day Jeremy went to eat lunch with Piper at school. These are some of her classmates. The girl with pizz in her mouth is Draven, the one that looks like she is picking her nose is Alexis, and the next girl is Zoe. I guess the camera brings out the best in Kindergarteners.

Piper had a boyfriend for a little while. This is Jonathan Soliz. He has a lemon in his mouth. What do you think of his hair? Jeremy wonders how that long hair is not a distraction, but yet a mohawk is. I think Piper liked Jonathan for his hair.

Piper and Jonathan. She looks so happy! I think she was excited that Jeremy was there and got to eat lunch with her. Piper and her best friend, Addilyn. Piper and Addilyn are reading better than the rest of their classmates. So, on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, they get pulled out of class and get to read with a retired ACU professor, Dr. Gray. Piper's teacher, Ms. Clonch, says usually they pull out the kids that are not reading at the same level as the class, but Piper and Addilyn were way ahead. I am so proud of Piper for this! Ms. Clonch approached me one morning when I was dropping Piper off at school. She started to tell me that Piper was going to be pulled out of class and immediately in my mind I thought, "Oh great! She is going to be tested for ADD." Then I focused back on what Ms. Clonch was saying and she told me about the reading. I was really relieved!
Look how excited these two are! For anyone who has spent some time with Piper, you know how "fun" she is. Well, take that and multiply it by two...that is Piper and Addilyn together! Sleep over anyone? We had our parent/teacher conference with Ms. Clonch a few weeks ago. It was for the first six weeks. Ms. Clonch said the only word she has to describe Piper is magnificent. Yes, you read that right. She said, "well, other than marvelous, wonderful..." She said Piper is a very good student. She gets along with everyone. She listens and does what she is told. She focuses in class and gets her work done. What? I think Ms. Clonch has Piper mixed up with one of her other students ;) Ms. Clonch said, "You probably already know all this." We actually told her it was nice to hear that but we were kind of surprised. Ms. Clonch was surprised that we were surprised.

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